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Bona Quantum uses titanium technology

SAYS Bona: ‘We could’ve been forgiven for plagiarising the famous shampoo advert when marketing our latest wood floor adhesive. Because Bona Quantum is not only a superior quality, silane-based adhesive, it’s also been designed to work as a built-in moisture barrier up to 95% RH – and therefore delivers key time and cost-saving benefits for contractors and their customers.’

The company continues: ‘To perform both its functions simultaneously, Bona Quantum needs to be applied with the special Bona Trowel Plus. This ingenious tool lets you apply a complete moisture barrier layer to the floor, at the same time as ribs of product required for sticking down the timber.’ When used purely as an adhesive, Bona Quantum should be applied using a standard notched trowel.

The adhesive features Bona’s titanium technology which reportedly provides quadruple crosslinking properties for superior durability and quick bonding.

‘On application, its hard elastic properties allow the floor to acclimatise,’ says Bona. ‘Over time, the adhesive hardens and strengthens to provide a hard foundation. Floors installed with Bona Quantum can be walked on between 4-6 hours after installation.’

In line with the company’s ongoing commitment to sustainability, Bona Quantum says it’s packaged in 15kg packs comprised of 75% post-consumer recycled plastic, which has reportedly reduced Bona’s product carbon footprint by 60%.

Slightly thicker viscosity Bona Quantum T is also available in ‘sausage’ packs of 600ml (1kg) and 5,400ml (9kg) offering substantially reduced waste packaging and a longer shelf-life.
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