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Bona Trained Contractor

As well as the two-day course for qualification as a Bona Certified Contractor, we also offer a one-day sanding and sealing course aimed at those new to the industry.  This course is also useful for staff working for our distributors to give them a real understanding of Bona products and to help them advise their contractor customers.

Covered during the training:

  • Learn the safe & effective use of different sanding machines and abrasives
  • Avoid common sanding errors
  • Contrast and use different finishing sanding methods
  • Surface treatments: selection and correct application.
  • Learn the importance of effective floor maintenance

 Please call our office on 01908 525 150 for more details.

Available Dates 2023

Thursday 16th March
Thursday 18th May
Thursday 13th July
Thursday 14th September 
Thursday 16th November

Get in touch to book or add your name to the waiting list.

 3. Bona Resilient Solution – Best Practice for Floor Renewal

Bona Resilient Solution is an innovative and highly effective system that renews and extends the life of resilient floors. This high-quality, sustainable programme offers the opportunity to not just maintain a floor’s freshness, but also to totally transform its look, without replacing it.

Even in heavy-traffic areas, floors can be sealed for extra durability and long-term protection. Offering substantial cost, energy, and downtime savings.

The Bona one-day Resilient Floor training offers a full introduction to the system including full floor renewal, maintenance processes, and the many designs and additional features that can be introduced with this system. Making it a very attractive service to add to your business portfolio.

Available Dates 2023

Tuesday 21st March
Wednesday 24th May
Wednesday 26th July
Wednesday 27th September
Wednesday 29th November

Please contact your Bona Representative for further information

Tony Peak: Sales Manager; South West/South Wales/Midlands
07775 844 519

Geoff Hewett: South London/South East 
07792 848 315

Stuart Claxton: North London/East Anglia
07377 589 431

Stephen Cross: Ireland/North/N. Wales/Scotland
07493 868 293  Rohit Sharma: Bona Resilient System
07775 844581

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