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Milliken celebrates century of making in the UK

FLOORING designer and manufacturer Milliken says it’s proud to be celebrating its 100th year of production in Britain.

The company was first registered in 1920 at the Waterside Mill in Bury, Greater Manchester when it became one of the earliest textile manufacturers in the UK. It manufactured cotton shirtings and in later years industrial fabrics before switching to airbag manufacture in 2004.

Following the purchase of the Beech Hill Plant in Wigan, the first Millitron carpet tile (using Milliken’s patented digital dye technology) was printed in the UK in 1986, which makes 2021 the 35th year Milliken has made carpet tiles in the UK.

The last UK site Milliken purchased was the Middleton Plant in 1997 where protective flooring and entryway products are now produced.

Mark Sefton, general Manager of Milliken’s floorcovering division comments: ‘100 years – what a milestone! A milestone that really speaks to the resilience of the company, that has seen it not only through a World War, but now a coronavirus pandemic.

‘Milliken is a company that will always stand behind its brand, will always act professionally, and one who at its heart is always thinking about not only our long-term success, but also the long-term success of our customers, because we recognise that as they grow, we can grow alongside and with them and share in their success.

‘And the same philosophy that Milliken has towards our customers also rolls over into the way we think about our Associates. If I think about the Milliken purpose statement, one of the values is teamwork: empowering exceptional people. I can think back over the decades of exceptional people who have helped to build Milliken into the great company it is today.’  

Milliken says it creates a full range of beautiful and considered floorcoverings providing a one-stop-shop for the latest in design-led flooring.

From its UK bases nearly 600 people are employed and not just in the manufacturing process itself; Milliken employs and develops designers, technicians, admin staff, finance teams and much more. It says: ‘The company is known for its highly ethical approach to its staff, suppliers and customers and has an excellent track record of maintaining staff – many of whom have worked for Milliken in the UK for 30 plus years.’

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