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Why tweed carpet is a great choice for your home

Why tweed carpet is a great choice for your home

If you are looking for a change from plain carpet, but don’t want to take the risk of laying a heavily patterned carpet, then a tweed pattern might be the perfect solution. With a ‘weave’ element in a set of complementary hues, tweed carpet delivers a textured look and feel, without overwhelming your décor.

There’s a growing trend for tweed carpet, precisely because it offers a fantastic foundation for contemporary décor. And with carpets available in both neutral tones and bolder colours, it offers homeowners and commercial contractors a fantastic choice when it comes to updating home and office spaces.

Here are the top reasons for considering tweed carpets:

Modern fibres – most of today’s tweed carpets, like our brand new Trident Tweed range are made from modern, stain resistant fibres. That means they are easy to look after, last longer and look their best. Our UK-made tweed carpets are made from our award-winning 100% Carefree fibres and come with a 10-year warranty, giving customers real confidence in the lifespan and performance of the fibres.

Contemporary tones – tweeds allow you to add warmth and elegance to the home, with a range of tones that you can use as a base for other décor, or use to set off the fabrics or furniture already in the room. From natural and neutral colours to something bolder to create an impact, the weave of a tweed carpet brings depth and style to any room.

Affordability – it’s easy to think that something with a weave pattern could be expensive, but in fact a good tweed carpet doesn’t have to break the bank. Available at competitive prices, you can completely transform a space with a tweed without worrying about the price.

Our new Trident Tweed carpet range is manufactured with 2-ply yarn and a 1/10-guage construction, which makes it hardwearing and suitable for everything from comfortable, stylish sitting rooms to landlord and commercial settings.

Our seasonal shades tap into the trend for bringing nature into your home, whilst our thoughtful range of bold colours brings customers real choice.

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