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Junckers | A light-coloured floor ‘which aids daylighting’

WHEN roof window manufacturer Velux built a new extension at its UK and Ireland head office in Glenrothes, Fife, Junckers solid wood flooring was said by the company to be ‘the perfect choice’ to enhance the light-filled space.

More than 800sq m of Junckers 22mm Beech Harmony two-strip flooring was fitted throughout, forming a unifying surface which links every part of the building, including what’s described as the impressive entrance, circulation, and breakout areas.

The contemporary interior uses natural light to full effect, in a demonstration of how Velux roof windows help create spaces filled with natural daylight, one of the targets of the RIBA 2030 Climate Challenge and an essential ingredient for user wellbeing.

A light-coloured floor such as beech reflects a lot of natural light which helps enhance lighting levels, further reducing the need for artificial light, and therefore saving energy. In addition, a pale floor will not contribute to overheating, reducing the need for air conditioning systems.

Says Junckers: ‘Ensuring a healthy indoor climate is another important consideration to architects and specifiers, and in addition to fresh air and high levels of natural daylight provided by Velux roof window products, a Junckers solid wood floor will help achieve a healthy and balanced indoor environment. With a perfectly smooth surface, it cannot harbour dust or mites, and as an all-natural material, wood helps maintain an even temperature in a room and reduces static from any electrical equipment.’

Junckers says its floors hold the Danish Indoor Climate label. ‘This means they’ve undergone extensive degassing and odour testing to ensure there are no chemical substances in the flooring which may adversely affect air quality.’

The certification, now recognised by BREEAM, gives specifiers the confidence to specify flooring which will contribute to a high degree of wellbeing in a building.

Concludes the company: ‘A hardwood timber, beech is one of the strongest and most durable woods used for flooring. It’s a light-coloured wood species which acquires a warm, golden tone with age. The structural grain pattern is straight with a fine, even texture for a classic look.’
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