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Havwoods invests in future with extensive refurb of global HQ in Carnforth

WOOD surface specialist, Havwoods, has invested in its future and staff welfare with an extensive refurbishment and upgrade to the brand’s global offices in Carnforth, Lancashire.

To create a more cohesive, collaborative and inspirational workspace, the new look includes a collection of Havwoods’ products via a refreshed interior design, new areas and updates created for team wellbeing and increased space for further staff additions as the brand continues to expand.

Says Havwoods: ‘As staff wellbeing is of utmost importance to the brand, new areas, furniture and design elements have been introduced to create a more functional and inspirational space for its employees.

‘A new breakout area has been added which includes relaxation spaces, a table tennis table and a breakfast bar. Every staff member has a new desk, giving them flexibility to work both sitting down and standing up – encouraging movement throughout the day.’

The company adds: ‘The new office design also plays a significant role in the staff welfare. The wide variety of products across the floors, walls and ceilings not only help staff interact and familiarise further with the products, but also help create a calming space to work in. Natural materials such as wood are known to promote relaxation and productivity as they help bring the outside, inside.

A new way of showcasing products, Havwoods’ extensive collection of versatile surfaces have been incorporated throughout – resulting in an office which is now aesthetically in line with the brand’s five showrooms.’

Continues Havwoods: ‘From different colours to interesting textures across varying surfaces, the new look allows staff to interact more first hand with the product. From the new Hushwood Acoustic panels on the ceilings to help with noise management to the dynamic Elegante Veneer panels which adorn the walls, Havwoods’ products now take centre-stage and have been used dynamically throughout.’

In an everchanging industry, even in the current market condition, Havwoods has continued to excel and invest to support company growth. As part of the renovation, the brand has created additional space for its workforce by increasing capacity in the office by 30% to make room for more staff. In the meeting rooms, new technology solutions have been added enabling the Havwoods team to offer better digital consultations to their customers.’
To create a more cohesive and collaborative work environment, the entire team now resides in the main office area, continues the company. Not only does this result in a joined customer service experience but also a more integrated team with a stronger team culture, it says.

Nina Malton, global director of people, culture and workplace at Havwoods says: ‘Our knowledgeable team is at the heart of Havwoods and we owe our success to their dedicated work. Staff wellbeing was therefore a key focus of the renovation to ensure we offered our team a work environment where they felt inspired and productive, but also offered areas where they can relax and socialise.’

Andrew Barnes, global managing director at Havwoods, adds: ‘We’re incredibly proud of this update to the business as it’s important we built an inspirational space for our team to continue with their hard work, but one which also represented Havwoods as a brand. Considering the current market conditions, we have stayed strong as a business and continue to do so leading into the new year. This is the first stage in our renovation journey, with our Carnforth showroom to follow in the next six months.’
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