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Just the ticket for First Cymru

Flooring expert Simple Flooring has installed 55sq m of safety flooring at the Swansea branch of First Cymru – just one of many projects to make facilities more comfortable for its employees.

First Cymru is the largest bus operator in south and west Wales. As part of its ongoing work with First Cymru, this refurbishment project is part of a larger commitment Simple Flooring have made to improve the quality of staff areas across Wales.

The challenge
The biggest challenge facing the Simple Flooring team was the extremely porous substrate. However, Simple Flooring’s extensive experience meant this obstacle was easily overcome.
The solution

With a long history of using UltraFloor subfloor preparation materials, Simple Flooring says it knew Level IT Two was the leveller of choice to create a perfect substrate for the installation of the Alto Aquarius Otter safety flooring.

To begin, Simple Flooring poured DPM IT damp-proof membrane across the entire 55sq m area and left it to cure for about 18 hours. Once dried, Level IT Two was then applied to an even, 8mm depth.

DPM IT is described as a two-component, solvent-free epoxy resin system for use as a surface dampproof membrane.

‘Designed to provide protection against subfloor moisture, DPM IT has a pot-life of 45-75 minutes, a cure time of five hours and boasts a 98% RH floor moisture tolerance.’

Continues the company: ‘There are many reasons Level IT Two has become UltraFloor’s most popular floor leveller. Its exceptional flow characteristics make it a very easy material to apply to various subfloors in commercial and domestic flooring projects. Its low odour formulation means this fantastic all-rounder leveller is equally suited to confined areas, proving particularly popular in the education, health and hospitality sectors.

‘With a set time of 2.5 hours, Level IT Two can receive bonded floorcoverings after just eight hours, making it an ideal choice for projects with a tight deadline. What’s more, because Level IT Two is available as a two component system, it takes the guesswork out of mixing, reducing site errors and guaranteeing a perfect application every time.’

On completing the project, Simple Flooring commented: ‘UltraFloor is our go-to. This project was in Swansea but UltraFloor is readily available at all our wholesalers which is great as it means we can deliver consistent results no matter where we are working. Level IT Two is durable and cost-effective – a win-win for everyone!’
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