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‘Perfect flooring installation’ for Crystal Endeavour

DELIVERING ‘the perfect flooring installation’ for luxury Crystal cruise ship, the Crystal Endeavour, has reportedly been achieved by flooring contractor Venue Marine, installation partners of specialist IMO products supplier Kerry Johns Marine, under the project management of global turnkey cruise ship interiors specialist, Merima.

To guarantee the highest levels of aesthetics and durability, Venue Marine used Styccobond flooring adhesives and Stopgap 1200 Pro levelling compound from F Ball and Co.

The project demanded the highest level of workmanship and materials to install luxurious carpeting throughout public areas of the ship, including the Palm Court and Crystal Cove entertainment areas, Waterside restaurant, and the Sea Casino.

In addition luxury vinyl tiles (LVTs) were used to create high-end, hardwearing floor finishes in the ship’s gym, crew offices and ‘back-of-house’ areas.

Says the company: ‘To install carpets, contractors opted for a dual bond system comprising F Ball’s Styccobond F40 and F3 adhesives. This combination creates a permanent bond, using F3, between the carpet and luxury underlay and a peelable bond, with F40, between the underlay and the deck of the ship. As such, the carpet will remain firmly fixed in place and looking its best throughout its lifetime, while enabling quick and easy removal when it eventually needs replacing.

‘Styccobond F1 rubber latex adhesive was used to seal carpet edges to reduce the risk of fraying and fibre loss, maximising the longevity of the installation.’

The company continues: ‘LVTs were installed using F Ball’s Styccobond F46 pressure-sensitive adhesive, which provides instant-grab to prevent tiles and planks from sliding as adjacent tiles/planks are laid into the adhesive. The adhesive also delivers a strong bond, which increases over time as the floor is trafficked.

‘To eradicate the risk of trowel serrations ‘shadowing’ through the vinyl, the adhesive can be flattened to a smooth finish using a paint-roller (precoated with adhesive) after it has been trowel-applied to the subfloor.

‘Prior to installing the LVT, Venue Marine used F Ball Stopgap 1200 Pro levelling compound to create a perfectly smooth and level subfloor surface, free from indentations, ridges, or undulations, ensuring the optimum finish was achieved.

‘Stopgap 1200 Pro was also used in the Palm Court and Crystal Cove entertainment areas to build up the floor levels around the natural wood dance floors to ensure the installed carpet finished flush with the dance floor sections.’
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