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Polyflor makes a meal of Norwegian office

POLYFLOR’s Palettone collection has been chosen to reflect the branding of a Norwegian online advertiser.

Describing itself as the ‘market of possibilities’, FINN.no is a Norwegian classified advertisements website with sections devoted to jobs, property, vehicles, and travel.

As well as providing products and services for sale, it also offers its users inspiration through its blog of tips and advice on everything from finding the perfect job to fixing broken appliances. Established in March 2000, the business behind the site has reportedly grown significantly over the past two decades, welcoming 3.5m users each week, and now employing a team of more than 400 people who work from its headquarters in Oslo.

In 2019, architectural firm Kravik-Jørundland was appointed to undertake a redesign and refurbishment of FINN.no’s existing canteen space, which it wanted to transform into a modern lounge area and coffee shop with communal seating spaces.

Using FINN.no’s profile and logo as a starting point, Kravik-Jørundland developed a colour and design scheme centred on blue, pink, and grey hues – and required a floorcovering with a wide range of colour availability to bring the concept to life.

Says Polyflor: ‘Having contacted Polyflor Norway directly, Kravik-Jørundland was introduced to Palettone; a durable yet stylish vinyl covering, it features a solid colour base with complementary toned highlights, creating a range of 50 shades, varying from pale neutrals through to more intense hues. Able to perfectly match coverings from the Palettone collection to the colours used in its design scheme, Kravik-Jørundland selected the range for its project at Finn.no.

‘Provided in the form of a flexible vinyl sheet, Palettone was also selected for its ability to be easily cut to suit Kravik-Jørundland’s circular design for the building’s flooring layout. Palettone’s Sugar Candy was used across 3,444 sq ft to create an inner circle, surrounded by 8,180 sq ft of Palettone Lunar Landscape to create an outer circle.’

Polyflor continues: ‘Palettone is easy to maintain thanks to its high quality polyurethane reinforcement, and offers outstanding durability, making it ideally suited to heavy traffic communal areas such as those being created for FINN.no. Additionally, it offers sustainability benefits, having achieved an A+ rating from BRE Global for major use areas.’

Hanne Jørgensen, project consultant for Polyflor Nordic, said: ‘Thanks to ranges like Palettone, heavy duty flooring no longer needs to be boring – instead, by utilising Palettone’s range of 50 different shades, designers can apply products which offer functional benefits but also look fantastic, and perfectly complement the colour schemes they have created for their clients.’

Further details of Polyflor’s range of resilient vinyl flooring are available from Polyflor.
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