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‘Revitalising floors’ in ScandiLand

BONA Certified Craftsman, Strippers Flooring has teamed up with interior and lifestyle influencer Alice in Scandiland, to showcase what it describes as the perfect blend of sustainable design and functional flooring in her home renovation project.

With a passion for interior design and a love for the Scandinavian way of life, Alice’s collaboration with Bona is said to highlight the importance of restoring natural elements in flooring renovations.

Alice’s journey began with a desire to rejuvenate her flooring, driven by a commitment to restore her original floor and embrace eco-friendly renovation practices.

After a previous installation of 6mm oak engineered flooring that did not live up to expectations, Alice faced issues with appearance, slip- resistance, and accelerated wear in her busy family household.

With two main goals in mind – to restore the floor’s past splendour and secure its longevity for future generations – Alice turned to Bona for a sustainable solution. Her vision included exploring colour-changing options that would seamlessly blend with her Scandinavian-inspired home decor.

After hearing about the Bona brand through recommendations, Alice shared her frustrations with her flooring’s appearance and performance on social media.

Bona, which says it’s known for its sustainable approach to design and floor renovations, says it saw this as the perfect opportunity to invite Strippers Flooring to showcase its expertise and collaborate with an influencer ‘who shares its values’.

Through this partnership, Strippers Flooring says it was able to provide Alice with a solution that restored her flooring’s natural beauty and aligned with her eco-friendly goals.

By using Bona’s products and techniques, the flooring ‘was transformed into a functional and visually stunning element’ in Alice’s home.

Strippers Flooring offers an extensive, detailed consultation process, ensuring the client received the best treatment for the location while acknowledging and respecting the clients over all vision and expectations of the renovation project.

Strippers Flooring, with its 25 years of knowledge and expertise, says it’s committed to uncompromising quality in its flooring services. Never cutting corners or relying on subcontractors, instead, it says it uses cutting-edge, 99% dust-free sanding technology and only the finest materials. It adds that its process is meticulous and thorough.

While wood is at the core of its work, its approach is ‘all-encompassing. It handles every aspect of the project, from the initial assessment, in-depth consultation process and protecting walkways to preparing the floor, checking moisture levels, and repairing loose or damaged boards. Its attention to detail matches the excellence of its products, and the craftsmanship it constantly refines. And this dedication begins before the actual work commences’.

Project details: Alice’s home transformation
The choice of products used in the renovation was crucial to achieving Alice’s vision while maintaining the sustainability ethos of Bona.

Says Bona: ‘Bona’s innovative dust-free sanding systems and array of eco-friendly, high-quality floor finishes were employed. The vast colour palette offered by Bona allowed Alice to choose a fitting design that seamlessly blended with her home’s Scandi-inspired aesthetic.

‘This innovative, environment-friendly approach to floor renovation upheld Alice’s and Bona’s commitment to sustainability while delivering high-quality, stylish results.’

After a home consultation visit, Strippers Flooring worked at length with Alice to identify the needs and requirements for the renovation. Carefully considering the family circumstances, demands on the floor performance and advising on the practical solutions Strippers Flooring says it can deliver to achieve overall customer satisfaction.

As well as being a busy family home with a clear design aesthetic, there are additional challenges onsite to consider; the living space is attached to a stunning garden area that absorbs a lot of natural daylight. An impressive aesthetic but something to consider in the treatment specification.

Alice’s home renovation was a 52sq m project, completed over a five-day period. The Strippers Flooring team, equipped with Bona’s state-of-the-art tools and products, took the project head-on. ‘The Bona belt and abrasives were instrumental in the sanding process, ensuring dust-free results and smooth, ready-to-finish surfaces.

The Bona Tampico Brush was used to ensure a fully clean and textured surface for colour application.

‘Strippers Flooring also used the Bona FlexiSand, a robust and versatile tool that can operate both as a powerful rotary sander and a buffer, offering an all-encompassing solution for floor finishing. The choice of finish for Alice’s floor was Bona Craft Oil in the shade ‘Misty’, providing a natural appearance that perfectly complements her Scandi-inspired decor.’

Finally, to protect the newly renovated floor, Bona Traffic HD Extra Matt was applied. Says the company: ‘This finish offers unbeatable durability, ensuring Alice’s floor can withstand the test of time and the hustle and bustle of a busy household, while also maintaining a stylish, ultra-matt finish.’

A dust-free, stylish renovation:
Alice’s Story
‘We couldn’t be happier with how the floor looks and feels now, it’s completely transformed the house,’ says Alice.

‘Our home is a modest size, with a semi open-plan design to the ground floor, very few doors and the wood floor is one of the most dominant features, flowing from space to space.

‘It’s so wonderful that the expanse of wood is once again something to celebrate, with the awful damage and discolouration gone, in its place the oak has been brought back to life.

‘I was hopeful that the end tone of the wood would be a bit lighter, but sceptical about what could actually be achieved, so to end up with a finished floor that looks better than when it was first laid, it’s more than we could have hoped for.’

Elevating the industry
Aside from providing advanced solutions for sustainable flooring, the Bona certification process also offers contractor training that, the company says, reflects the consistently evolving industry.

It adds: ‘Embracing this comprehensive knowledge, experienced craftsman such as Strippers Flooring help elevate the industry’s reputation as a whole.

‘Working with influencers like Alice is an effective way to reach a wider audience and showcase the exceptional work achieved by Bona-certified contractors.

These collaborations encourage homeowners to invest in sustainable flooring choices and create awareness around eco-friendly renovation techniques.’

To explore the prospect of becoming a Bona Certified Contractor, use the below phone number.
01908 525150

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