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Shaw Contract ‘revolutionises commercial environments’

IN the world of flooring contracting, embracing innovation and creativity is essential to deliver spaces that endure and captivate. LVT flooring is described by SHAW CONTRACT as a game-changing solution that’s redefining design possibilities while maintaining the durability demanded by commercial spaces.

LVT flooring is said to offer an unparalleled combination of strength, cost-efficiency, and design flexibility, making it a primary choice for flooring contractors in commercial settings. It’s not just a surface to walk on, it’s said to be a canvas that transforms spaces into living stories.

The appeal of LVT lies in its multifaceted nature. From bustling workplaces to retail settings and educational facilities, LVT offers an exceptional blend of functionality and aesthetics, says Shaw Contract.

It adds: ‘The true beauty of LVT, however, lies in its boundless creative potential. Its versatility in shades, textures, visuals, and installation techniques empowers flooring contractors to be visionaries. An outstanding example is the Nordic LVT collection by Shaw Contract. Inspired by nature’s rustic elegance, Nordic features an array of grain textures and organic hues. With 10 wood tones, including Honey, Alder, and Redwood, contractors have the freedom to craft spaces that radiate warmth and authenticity.

The benefit of LVT does not stop at aesthetics. Nordic can be easy to install, by offering two flexible methods, direct glue or loose-lay. The collection is available in 2.5mm glue down and 5.0mm loose lay platforms. This adaptability allows contractors to integrate Nordic into spaces, catering to the unique needs of each project.’

The Nordic LVT collection is said to be a playground for creativity. Contractors can reportedly blend different wood tones or spotlight a single shade, enabling the creation of flooring patterns. The 18cm x 122cm planks can be strategically positioned to establish scale through colour blocking or utilised individually to anchor distinct areas. Furthermore, Nordic is described by the company to offer various installation methods, from classic stagger layouts to elegant herringbone, ashlar, and brick patterns. This adaptability ensures the flooring seamlessly aligns with the design narrative of the spaces where people work, learn, and collaborate.

Shaw Contract says: ‘Combining Nordic LVT with carpet tiles demonstrates the limitless potential of creative synergy. A recent project by Midlands-based Arc Business Interiors perfectly captures this. By weaving together, the Driftwood shade of Nordic LVT and the Shaw Contract Haven Carpet Tile, the ambiance is transformed into a tapestry of natural textures, evoking comfort, and familiarity.
Driftwood, reminiscent of weathered wood, narrates a story of resilience, adding depth and character. This seamless blend of Nordic LVT and Haven Carpet Tile fosters an environment that connects people with the natural world, creating a harmonious workplace experience.

The Nordic collection also features Shaw Contract’s ExoGuard+ finish, rendering it scratch-resistant and easy to maintain. This quality ensures longevity in high-traffic commercial spaces, whether it’s a dynamic educational area, a bustling workplace, or a vibrant retail setting.’

The pursuit of sustainable and health-conscious design is another cornerstone in modern commercial installations.

The company explains: ‘The Nordic LVT collection reflects Shaw Contract’s commitment to eco-friendly design. With Floorscore certification for low VOCs and formulated without ortho-phthalates, it’s a suitable choice for indoor air quality. Moreover, the Indoor Air Comfort Gold certification underscores Shaw Contract’s dedication to meeting the highest standards of low product emissions. This commitment enhances the quality of the indoor environment and echoes our emphasis on contributing to a healthier ecosystem.’

In a world where design is a harmonious blend of aesthetics, functionality, and sustainability, LVT flooring has proven to be an indispensable asset. The Nordic LVT collection by Shaw Contract is described by the manufacturer as exemplifying the fusion of nature-inspired beauty, practicality, and environmental consciousness.

It concludes: ‘For flooring contractors, LVT isn’t just a material, it’s a tool that transforms spaces into immersive narratives. By embracing LVT, contractors can create interiors that resonate with excellence, endurance, and creativity. In the realm of flooring contracting, LVT remains a companion, paving the way for exceptional and impactful interiors.’
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