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‘Smoothing compound raises the level at refurb’

F BALL’s new Stopgap 1600 smoothing compound has reportedly provided a fast-track solution for raising floor levels as part of the ground-floor refurbishment of a residential property in Wainscott, Kent. Fitters were contracted by wholesale flooring distribution company STS Flooring to install LVT floorcoverings in most of the downstairs of the property, including an open-plan lounge and dining area, hallway and reception room, an area totalling 48sq m.

After uplifting old engineered wood floorcoverings and mechanically grinding off adhesive residues from the concrete subfloors, it was necessary to raise subfloors by 20mm so new floorcoverings would reach the level of skirting and doorframes, as well as a new fireplace installed on a slate plinth.

The surface was first primed with Stopgap P131, diluted with four parts water before F Ball’s Stopgap 400 Repair was used to make minor repairs to the subfloor and raise the floor level in the lounge and dining area where the concrete sloped towards one end of the room.

Says the company: ‘F Ball’s Stopgap 1600 fast-drying, fibre-reinforced smoothing compound was then applied. The product is formulated especially for use over underfloor heating systems and can be applied between 3-40mm thick to encapsulate electrical wired or water-fed systems installed over internal subfloors as part of newbuild or refurbishment projects in domestic and commercial environments.

‘It’s suitable for use over a wide range of absorbent and non-absorbent subfloors, walk-on hard from three hours after application and ready to receive floorcoverings in as little as 12 hours. They then installed wood-effect STS LVTs, in a herringbone formation, in each of the three rooms. To do this, they used F Ball’s Styccobond F49 Hybrid PS temperature tolerant, pressure-sensitive adhesive because patio doors at one end of the dining room had the potential to cause solar gain and, consequently, extreme temperatures and temperature fluctuations – this can cause floorcoverings to expand and contract significantly, potentially leading to unsightly tenting and gapping at the edge of vinyl floorcoverings over time.’

Styccobond F49 Hybrid PS develops the ultra-high bond strength to hold the floorcoverings firmly in place, says F Ball.

Commenting on the project, Jack Bradbury, a fitter subcontracted by STS Flooring, said: ‘This was the first time we’ve used Stopgap 1600, and we were really impressed by its consistency. Fibres were evenly distributed throughout the product, and the drying time was really quick.

‘As well as the temperature tolerant characteristics of Styccobond F49, we like its other features, including the ability to reposition floorcoverings in the early stages of drying. It’s one of the best adhesives I’ve used.’

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