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Smoothing underlayment ‘helps enhance patient care’ at busy hospital

H&J Martin has used UltraFloor’s ‘game-changing leveller’, Level IT Pro30, to install 300sq m of Tarkett flooring at Causeway Hospital emergency department.

Asset management specialists, H&J Martin, has been appointed to complete a new flooring installation throughout the emergency department at Causeway Hospital in Northern Ireland. The much-needed investment will improve patient care and modernise the hospital facilities.

The challenge
High performance products that would work quickly and withstand the constant and heavy trafficking of hospital staff, patients and medical equipment were reportedly critical to the success of this project. Furthermore, the products used throughout the site needed to set quickly as the project was due to be completed when the hospital was open and patients were still being cared for.

The solution
Says UltraFloor: ‘UltraFloor has a long, successful history of providing subfloor preparation products to the healthcare sector. Experienced flooring contractors, H&J Martin, knew UltraFloor Level IT Pro30 was the perfect floor leveller for the job ahead.

‘Level IT Pro30 has been formulated to refurbish existing floors in previously unachievable timescales, without removing old adhesive residues first – a fantastic ‘one product does all’ solution for today’s busy contractor.

‘UltraFloor Level IT Pro30 is a high performance, high tolerance, free-flowing smoothing underlayment, suitable for use with most common subfloors without the need for priming first. This key feature makes Level IT Pro30 ideal for areas in need of a quick turnaround, particularly time sensitive projects that require same day returning access to vulnerable residents or key public services, such as Causeway Hospital.’

The company continues: ‘The benefits don’t end there. All subfloors prepared using Level IT Pro30 can accept foot traffic in as little as 30 minutes, and are ready to receive unbonded floorcoverings after 45 minutes and bonded floorcoverings after 90 minutes, including LV and vinyl, a popular and luxury floorcovering with no room for error.

‘With less time spent on prep and less time to set, Level IT Pro30 will save you more time twice over, leaving the client happy, deadlines met and increasing productivity.

‘What’s more, Level IT Pro30 is protein-free, reducing the risk and spread of disease as the types of dangerous and contagious bacteria that thrive in protein are eliminated, and is low odour, providing a pleasant environment for staff, contractors and recovering patients.’

On using Level IT Pro30, Sean O Reilly, flooring supervisor at H&J Martin, said: ‘The reason we used Level IT Pro30 was because of its quick drying time and its smooth finish when dried – two very important things to consider when working in a busy emergency department.’

For further information on UltraFloor and the other materials available in their subfloor preparation range, use the below details.
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