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Subfloor preparation project creates ‘stunning’ London office space

ULTRAFLOOR has partnered with flooring experts, Darcelle Flooring, to complete a 1,500sq m subfloor preparation project at what’s described as a stunning office location on Upper Street, London.

This spectacular commercial property has undergone an extensive makeover with thanks to the expertise of Darcelle Flooring and UltraFloor’s subfloor preparation materials. The project spanned four floors and included office space, reception areas, stairs and toilets.

The challenge
With just three weeks to complete the 1,500sq m project, time of was of the essence to deliver outstanding results on time. In addition, with more than 25 different trades working onsite at the same time, Darcelle Flooring needed to work with subfloor preparation materials that would be accommodating to the constraints of the construction programme.

The solution
UltraFloor says it has a reputation for providing the industry with quality, innovative subfloor preparation materials. For this project, flooring contractors Darcelle Flooring, used UltraFloor Level IT Two to achieve subfloor smoothness across the 1500sq m area.

On using Level IT Two, Darren Elliott, director at Darcelle Flooring, remarked: ‘Level IT Two has always been a superb product to work with. It flows extremely well and dries within the timeframe given, always leaving a nice smooth finish without the need to do any more prep work.’

There are many reasons Level IT Two has become UltraFloor’s most popular floor leveller, says the company. ‘Its exceptional flow characteristics make it a very easy material to apply to various subfloors in commercial and domestic flooring projects. Its low odour formulation means this fantastic all-rounder leveller is equally suited to confined areas, proving particularly popular in the education, health and hospitality sectors.

‘With a set time of 2.5 hours, Level IT Two can receive bonded floorcoverings after eight hours, making it an ideal choice for projects with a tight deadline. What’s more, because Level IT Two is available as a two component system, it takes the guesswork out of mixing, reducing site errors and guaranteeing a perfect application every time.’

For this installation, Level IT Two was trowel applied, to a concrete subfloor, at depths of 2-12mm.

On completing the project, Darren Elliott commented: ‘We have been using UltraFloor for over 10 years. They have always been competitively priced with outstanding product performance, covering various subfloors. Their technical advice is always spot on and the finish is just what we look for.’
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