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Viva Torquay ‘makes more of its floor with IVC Commercial’

LUXURY Vinyl Tiles (LVTs) and heterogeneous vinyl from IVC Commercial have given entertainment venue, Viva Torquay, an interior that’s ready for creating what’s described as a vibrant and welcoming experience.

With a vision for a modern street food restaurant on the ground-floor with a games zone on upper floors, the owners of Viva Torquay have turned an old, weathered fish-and-chip shop into one of the town’s best entertainment venues.

With indoor street golf, pool tables, ping-pong, interactive darts and games, Viva Torquay is now a year-round destination for the town’s residents and seasonal holidaymakers. As part of the refurbishment of the building, a range of floors from IVC Commercial have been chosen, turning the 500sq m games zone into a ‘compelling, mesmerising play of pattern and texture’.

Says the company: ‘Specified and installed by Flooring Matters SW, Moduleo Roots LVTs in Country Oak and Glade Oak create a striped design across the space, adding a welcoming ambience thanks to their natural wood aesthetic with the monochromatic look matching the black ceilings and white painted architectural details of the historic building.

‘Teamed with floor-level LED lighting, it’s a striking effect that also helps zone activity areas. With the durability and practicality of Moduleo’s high-performance LVT construction, the floor is ideal for the daily demands of the busy venue.’

Charles Mitchell, contracts manager at Flooring Matters SW, says: ‘The challenge for the games area was to introduce a fresh new design without removing the existing floor. So, we turned to IVC Commercial’s self-adhesive Flex Pro underlay and Moduleo Roots LVT to deliver the solution. The system allowed us to fulfil the owner’s design ambitions while also keeping a watchful eye on costs.’

Concludes IVC: ‘Elsewhere in the games zone, IVC Commercial’s heterogeneous vinyl floors feature with the vibrant Optimise 70 in crystal pink and Isafe 70 in mustard bringing vibrant colour to the floor. These hardwearing and easy to maintain floors stay looking good under intense use. Optimise 70 offers improved impact noise reduction, while Isafe 70 delivers 42+ TRRL slip-restraint. Both floors feature Sanitec for additional antibacterial protection.’

A total of 480sq m of IVC Commercial flooring was installed.

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