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Oval Village Final

Berkeley Group is one of the UK’s leading developers and has won numerous awards for its
commitment to quality, design and customer service.

Oval Village, located next to the famous Surrey Cricket Grounds, and built on the old Gas Works, is a new luxury development of 1300 homes, along with Retail, Food, and Office spaces.

As part of the project brief, there was a need to install a low depth flooring solution. Due to its high flexural strength Cemfloor NH provided the solution as it allowed a 40mm screed depth to be installed, without compromising on quality. Thanks to the pumpability of Cemfloor, Progressive Group were able to pump to height, and install the screed over 18 stories, with the material being pumped over a distance of 160 meters without any issues.

The main advantage Cemfloor has over other flowing screeds is the quicker drying times, and that it can accept foot traffic after 24 / 48 hours, meaning that construction could continue quickly and efficiently to meet the project deadline.

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