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A message for non-members of the CFA

Richard reaches across the aisle to invite you to consider joining the CFA if you are not already a member.

ONE of the huge benefits of writing a monthly article in CFJ is the fact that we can reach non-members. As the voice of the industry, that is important when working on sector issues, and we share some of the knowledge and expertise that we have at our disposal in a philanthropic way. That is not just through internal staff, but the whole range of CFA members we represent – the leading contractors, manufacturers, distributors, and consultants in the industry.

But of course, we make no apology that we hold some of the really valuable member benefits more closely to our chest and only give access to our members. Therefore, from a number of perspectives the other thing I periodically do through these pages is a little recruitment and that is what this article represents.

So, this is an unashamed blow of our own trumpet and an invite to consider joining the CFA if you are not already a member.

One thing that seems fairly clear at the moment is that it has never been more difficult to do business and if you agree one of the main reasons for joining the CFA is to help make your life easier. Work smarter, not harder. To that end, here are a few of the main benefits we know that companies value and use when they join the CFA:

Use of the CFA logo
Having the CFA logo on vans, websites, emails, and quotes ensures you position yourself as a quality company. It differentiates your business from others and adds credibility to your profile. Reassuring clients that in an unregulated industry you have been through a vetting process and meet an industry standard. All credible companies easily pass.

Listing in the CFA website directory and handbook
Attracting good quality work is always important even when we have experienced a period of relative plenty. Where there is a high there is a low, and it is important to keep your profile in the right place. You can always turn work away, but turning the pipeline back on if you stop advertising is difficult.

Business support
The CFA offers all members FREE business helplines for subjects such as employment, legal advice and health and safety. A one stop shop that might help you sleep better at night having obtained a quick steer.

Documents and templates
CFA have an extensive range of documents and templates that members can access. Business ones such as standard terms and conditions but others like our disclaimer documents that can be used when responding to a call to fit on a damp floor or in unsatisfactory site conditions.

Free credit checks
CFA offers FREE credit checks to members which in a period when insolvencies are at a high is incredibly important. A quick email to our admin team and you receive a credit report back on a potential new client. If you already pay for that as a separate service, that could pay your fee alone.

Training and support
CFA have our own dedicated training manager in Shaun Wadsworth and two dedicated training centres, one in Loughborough and another in Kirkaldy thanks to CFA member Forbo Flooring UK Limited. When labour is so hard to get and quality is an issue, access to quality driven training resources is invaluable. All CFA members get a 15% discount off FITA training courses and FREE advice. We also offer apprenticeship delivery.

Member events – We offer some fantastic social events at great locations: More than 150 people attended our 2022 dinner dance, 103 at our last horse racing event and 44 for golf at the Belfry. Lots of smiles and a bit if fun. Members receive a monthly newsletter with latest offers and event details.

Dispute resolution service – Using our unique list of consultants who work to code of conduct and who receive regular CPD, we can provide members with a FREE report that could get you paid if the quality of the fitting of a floor is unfairly disputed.

There is a lot more that the CFA offers our members including technical support and access to British Standards. We provide regular updates on all sorts of issues, particularly if they are going to affect the profitability of your business. All of this for an annual fee of just £735.00 plus VAT for a contractor membership.

If you do a quick calculation I am sure you will appreciate that you only have to access one or two of these things a year to easily make your CFA membership work for you and pay back. Saving time by working smarter not harder, solving problems quickly and directly under that ‘one stop shop’ approach and sometimes even making money from jobs that membership brings to your business.
The CFA is a leading trade association representing the flooring industry. If you would like an application pack outlining the benefits of membership, please contact the CFA offices.
0115 9411126

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