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All change at the CFA

Richard updates readers on the important changes that took place at a recent council meeting and the AGM.

AS I write this article, in August, we’ve just come to the end of another busy week in the CFA timetable. Specifically, I’m referring to a council meeting and our AGM held on the 16 August.

The build-up to an AGM is always hectic as it brings all sorts of things together including the final approval of the accounts for the previous year and, as was the case this time, a change of president and election of some new council members.

This year Hamish MacGregor (MacGregor Flooring) ended his two-year presidency (his second term as president) with his first and only in-person meeting. Which is a stark reminder of the fact it’s still less than 12 months ago that we were all in the middle of pandemic restrictions. It was less than ideal for Hamish and me, indeed for all the council, to be forced to meet remotely, but I have to say his steady hand on the helm was perfect in those times. He did a sterling job and, as we reflected at both the council meeting and AGM; we managed to move the CFA forward despite the restrictions we all faced.

In case I don’t get the chance to say it more widely: thank you Hamish for an amazing job for the CFA, the members, and the wider industry. He is of course now the immediate past president, and I’ll continue to value his support and guidance as an officer.

We welcomed new president Carl Harper of Westcotes Flooring to the top job and Carl’s vice president was confirmed as Alan McEwan of F Ball & Co Limited. Both are vastly experienced in the industry, and I look forward to working with them as our officers. Carl has decided the focus of his presidency should be the skills and labour crisis and while he sees Future Fitters as a key element, he also wants to broaden this to think about bringing new talent into the industry in all sorts of roles. Our Future Fitters campaign provides a fantastic foundation, and I won’t steal all his thunder, but he has already signed up as GoConstruct STEM ambassador.

Look out for Carl’s articles in CFJ as he develops and shares his ideas and thoughts.

Some long-term council members such as Alan Gayle (AG Flooring), Alan McEwan (F Ball), and Beverley McFarlane (Loughton Contracts) were re-elected having served their three-year terms, and a new face for the manufacturers was added in the form of Steve Kean, sales and marketing director of Quantum Profile Systems. Steve adds experience from the accessories world to a great mix of floorcovering adhesive and subfloor manufacturers.

Members decide who sits on the CFA council by voting, and I have to say we currently have a really strong mix. We have five manufacturers as described above, and eight contractors representing a diverse range of specialisation and business sizes. We have a distributor and of course a consultant member to complete our representation and fill all council positions. It’s this group who lead the strategic thinking of the CFA, while also ensuring our governance is duly observed. You can of course always speak to myself or the rest of the management team about any issues you’d like to discuss, and if you’re a member we can often give advice and signpost a benefit.

But equally, I’m happy to channel specific questions to council members if you’d like input from a fellow specialist and as someone working on the ‘frontline’ so to speak.

So, it’s been all change at the top recently, with a great combination of new blood and experience now guiding the activity of the CFA. I’m really looking forward to working with everyone and there’s honestly a great energy developing. Good job really, as there’s plenty to do, isn’t there?!
The CFA is a leading trade association representing the flooring industry. If you would like further information about our Future Fitters project, or an application pack outlining the benefits of membership, please contact the CFA offices.
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