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Brexit support available for CFA members

The CFA is aware that there is still much uncertainty in the market about the new rules for importing foreign-made products on to the UK market. If this affects you and you are a CFA member, there is a considerable quantity of information and guidance available within the Members’ Area of the CFA website – another great reason to be a member!

The information covers such topics as:
• The new immigration system
• Rules of origin
• Conformity assessment

It’s important to be aware that, under the new rules, distributors bringing product into the UK from overseas are now considered to be importers. Given that there are new requirements which they need to comply with, this change potentially impacts on a significant number of businesses in the industry.

These are also issues on which the CFA lobbies frequently on behalf of members within Build UK, the Construction Leadership Council and other industry bodies. An example of this has been the successful campaign to get carpet fitters and flooring contractors on to the Skilled Occupation List, meaning that the industry is still able to attract foreign nationals to work in the UK.

The monthly CFA member newsletter, Contract Contact, regularly updates on issues around Brexit and other topics of importance to the industry, and this is only available to CFA members.

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