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Collaboration is the future of sustainability

The latest edition of the CFA’s guide to sustainability has been released on the CFA and CFJ websites. This month CFJ elaborates on some of the key articles published in the annual guide
RICHARD Catt, ceo of the CFA, opens this year’s Sustainability Guide with how the CFA hopes to reinforce the link between climate change and the practical steps that all of us in the flooring industry need to take and play its part in meeting government’s goal of Net Zero Carbon by 2050.

Carl Harper, president of the CFA, follows with his extract explaining what the industry has achieved so far but highlights the sustainability issues that are arising and the further changes that need to be made.

Other important features in the guide include Stuart Young, head of stakeholder management and engagement at the construction unit in the department for business and trade.

He speaks about the value of collaboration with others in the industry to achieve new sustainable goals as well as raising awareness of the Construction Leadership Council’s Construct Zero programme. The programme’s aim places emphasis on educating the industry on the little steps they need to take by working together and what it’s already accomplished.

Jane Thornback, sustainability policy advisor known for her invaluable sustainable briefing documents published on the Construction Products Association website, also features in the guide, where she talks about the challenge of translating laudable, lofty climate change aspirations into something relevant and meaningful for companies in the contract flooring business.

To view the new CFA 2023 Sustainability Guide, see the digital page-turner on the CFA and CFJ websites below:

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