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Our new Handbook – another great resource from the CFA!

The CFA Members’ Handbook is one publication that gives every member, no matter how big or small, the opportunity to ‘set out their stall’ before the whole construction sector, says Carl Harper.

ONE of the things I am most proud about regarding the work of the CFA is the number and quality of publications produced each year for the benefit of members and the wider industry.

These include the CFA Training Guide and the CFA Guide to Sustainability, as well as the CFA Guide to Contract Flooring, now in its eighth year. There are also the one-off publications, such as Zero Avoidable Waste in Flooring – Towards a Circular Economy and the Future Fitters Guidance Booklet. All these are available for download from the CFA website at: https://cfa.org.uk/Contract-Flooring-Association-Information-and-Downloads/

A publication that is of at least equal value to all the above is the CFA Members’ Handbook. This is our one publication that gives every member, no matter how big or small, the opportunity to ‘set out their stall’ before the whole construction sector.

Whether member contractor, manufacturer, distributor or industry consultant, they are all listed, providing an invaluable resource for everyone in our industry, whatever they are looking for.

I’m delighted the 2023/24 Handbook is just published and is now available for download from the above web page. Once again the Handbook devotes space to all members and is logically organised both alphabetically and geographically. It also features a key which helps to explain to the reader exactly what the principal activities are of each member, and contains plenty of other useful information.

I know for a fact that, as a business, Westcotes have gained work as a result of our inclusion in the Handbook. That is because it is addressed directly to specifiers, providing need-to-know information regarding flooring contractors, designed to help them deliver success on their projects. Crucially the information is presented in an easily accessible format to assist busy specifiers.

Although it does include an A-Z listing, the special ingredient that the CFA Handbook has, and which elevates it above being a mere directory, is the imprint of the CFA. The power of the CFA logo is key here, as companies which carry this logo are demonstrating their commitment to quality, training, working sustainably and all the other values promoted by the CFA.

As Richard discusses elsewhere in his column in this issue, the flooring sector in the UK is relatively unregulated, so there is not so much information to act as a guide for specifiers when they have to determine whether a particular company has a good track record, works to British Standards at all times and is going to be able to deliver a high quality flooring project on time and on budget. So the cachet of CFA membership means a lot in the real world.

As a contractor we at Westcotes attach great value to the fact that all year round our company’s details are showcased in the CFA directory, which works alongside the handbook. Our one-off payment as a CFA member means that our company features in searches main contractors or clients make, when looking for a supply chain partner. A contractor only needs one job a year to pay for his membership. And then there are all the other benefits of CFA membership on top of that!
As well as these, there are enormous advantages to specifiers in choosing a CFA member for their flooring contracts. Flooring is a major element in most contracts and with even more products to choose from these days, obtaining the right installer is vital to a project’s success. Architects, specifiers and main contractors require a high quality of service, professional installation and support — which CFA members can provide. As a result, many public and private organisations and an increasing number of local authorities, now specify CFA members must be used.

All members have passed the CFA membership vetting process and are established quality companies offering high standards of installation. Through the CFA they all have access to up-to-date technical, environmental and quality Standards and all adhere to the Contractors’ Code of Conduct.

This backing from the CFA gives any specifier the ultimate reassurance that they can choose any company listed in the CFA Handbook, with a high level of confidence that the chosen company will deliver work of the highest quality, on time and within budget.

So in this way the CFA Handbook is in reality a showcase for the whole industry – and I am delighted that we are now launching the latest version. CFJ, our partners in producing this publication, are targeting specifiers with the print version of the Handbook – to make sure our message gets straight to the right people – and it is also online for everybody else to see and use.

Make sure you don’t miss it – and consider joining the CFA if you would like to feature in it!
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