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CONICA LTD is thrilled to have had its CONIFLOOR industrial resin flooring installed in the basement of the new Tower of London citizenM hotel.

citizenM hotels offer an affordable, luxury boutique experience with a distinctly stylish feel. The hotel chain is undergoing significant expansion to create a global portfolio of hotels, located in prime locations in major cities and international airports.

CONICA’s CONIFLOOR IPS resin flooring was chosen to be installed in 459m2 of basement by Avonline plc. The installation was especially challenging from day one, given the working environment, a very limited timeframe and scheduling between Balfour Beatty and Avonline.

Avonline plc, the main flooring contractor for the build, stressed that CONICA’s service and quality were second to none. Bill Lovell, Senior Business Development Manager at Avonline, said: “CONICA was chosen by the architect and Balfour Beatty for all the resin floors. This was the first installation carried out by Avonline plc using CONICA products and we were very impressed with the product quality and how easy it was to lay. Given the site conditions and the environment we had to work in, the end result was excellent.”

The 459m2 basement floor was first prepared by diamond grinding, before two coats of CONIFLOOR 110 primer were applied and then dried. Following this, a 2mm thick coat of CONIFLOOR 420 was applied before a final coat of CONIFLOOR 520 CW. Coving details were equally fastidious, including a coat of CONIFLOOR 110 primer and an application of epoxy mortar to a height of 200mm and two coats of CONIFLOOR 520 CW.

CONIFLOOR IPS is an ideal system for all types of industrial floors and is especially suitable for floors of medium resilience. The three-layer, low-emission polyurethane system is quick and easy to apply and is distinguished by its high durability.

Avonline added: “Both citizenM hotels and Balfour Beatty were very complimentary of the service provided by CONICA. Due to time slots and scheduling this project was very tricky to complete within the allocated time, however with hard work this was achieved.”

The Tower of London citizenM has 370 luxury rooms and is the second London hotel for the chain. Opening in July 2016, CONICA hopes the installation will mark the beginning of an on-going partnership between all those involved.

For more information about CONICA’s range of sports and functional flooring ranges, visit or for information about citizenM hotels, visit

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