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Exhibitor New Product – Floortech

Jiangsu KingShine Plastic Machine is located in Wuxi, Our company specializes in manufacturing high-end plastic extrusion equipment. Our company focuses on the SPC flooring production line. KingShine team,according to the continuous feedback from the customer site and continue to absorb the advanced technology from Europe,successfully developed EIR SPC technology. KineShine equipment is exported to countries and regions such as Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Southeast Asia, and other countries and regions,enjoying the reputation and praise of customers at home and abroad.

Kingshine developed the High Capacity Super Conical SPC Floor Production Line with online ElR technology, which has the following advantages compared with the traditional conical twin screw SPC floor production line:

1. The output is larger, with a daily output of 60 tons.

2. Lower energy consumption, energy consumption per unit output is 70% of traditional conical twin screw extrusion.,

3. The screw has a long service life, which is twice the service life of the traditional conical twin screw.

4. Kingshine special five-roller calender improves the peeling strength of SPC floor, making the embossing more realistic.

5. The online EIR technology with high accuracy and automation.

Hotjin company is a professional manufacturer of double end tenoner, the machine main use in PVC plastic floor, laminate floor, engineered floor, cork floor, threespine click furniture cabinets, calcium silicate plate, fibre cement plate, gypsum plate, ceiling plate, wall plate, HPL plate and so on.

Angle double end tenoner, through the double end tenoner principle of fishbone floor transverse end slotting. Can SPC floor, engineered floor, laminate floor and other materials for custom processing.

HOMAG Group is the world’s leading integrated solutions provider for the woodworking industry, with international production plants, sales and service companies, around 7000 employees in more than 100 countries and more than 30% of the world market share. 

With 750 employees, HOMAG China is an extremely important part of the group, supplying from stand-alone machines for small businesses to complete networked production lines for highly industrialized custom furniture production, and developing in-depth software for the home furnishing industry, driving the interconnection of the industry chain and providing a complete digital solution for companies from the sales side to the after-sales service.

The automatic loading device can automatically grip, carry and convey the workpieces, which is suitable for mass production mode and has a broad application prospect.

Technical highlights: 1. the reasonable layout of each unit and the optimization of the overall control logic, so that the efficiency of work is greatly improved; 2. the modular design makes it interchangeable, providing convenience for later maintenance of parts and functional upgrades; 3. the independent lifting angle device, that is, to avoid the “”continuous sheet”” phenomenon that may occur when handling light and thin sheet material, and improve the work speed; 4. Power control basic system, good economy, strong scalability.

Changzhou Xinqihang (KHOM)Automation Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2005, is a professional engaged in software development and production of flooring and furniture plant equipment based on the company. The company specializes in providing integrated solutions from front-end design, data processing, factory production automation information management, so as to achieve the perfect combination of integrated software and automation equipment. The main products of the company are automatic packaging line, saw cutting line, paint line, high-speed floor double end milling groove line and other complete sets of automation equipment, suitable for PVC/SPC/WPC floor, laminate floor, multilayer composite floor and other types of boards.

SPC floor double end milling groove line: This production line is suitable for SPC floor production, longitudinal and transverse double end milling each side has 8 tool stations. Longitudinal feeding table with baffle to ensure separate feeding floor; The lateral double end mill is equipped with a separate feed pretransfer belt with a push block. It has the characteristics of wide applicability, simple and convenient adjustment and high precision.

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