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DYNAMIK | ASB Glass Floor

THE ASB glass floor by DYNAMIK is rapidly becoming the floor of choice in some of the world’s most prestigious arenas, the company says. ‘Exceeding expectations and offering unique possibilities, this futuristic floor has the wow factor and has arrived in our lifetime,’ Dynamik continues.

Installed at Oxford University’s new sports centre, the ASB glass floor by Dynamik is said to get pulses racing. This surface reportedly offers a whole new spectrum of visual experiences including distinct line marking for any chosen sport.

Worldwide interest in the ASB glass floor by Dynamik is said to be growing rapidly and although for many a glass sports floor is aspirational, Dynamik says it will undoubtedly be the first choice for premium sports facilities and be the benchmark by which other sports surfaces are judged.

For many years sports floors have been constructed using timber. Advancements in sport technology progressed to area elastic sprung floors which can be finished with a timber surface or a range of synthetic surfaces such as sports linoleum or sports vinyl but essentially, they all require a timber sub-construction. The sprung glass system reportedly combines extreme levels of durability with an almost indestructible surface offering high sports performance and comfort and individual game lines. Dynamik says it can also be turned into a 100% LED screen replicating training programmes direct from a tablet or computer.

What is special about the ASB Glass Floor?
The glass used is ‘not glass as we know it’, providing unique elasticity/resilience. Two layers of laminated safety glass are incorporated as a safety later, and the matt surface is chemically etched. Long lasting slip-resistance is provided by ceramic dots in the surface of the glass.

The floor features double sprung all-aluminium sub-construction, which is said to provide consistent elasticity and shock absorption across the whole floor. It is said to be resistant to climate, corrosion and age, with a life expectancy in excess of 60 years.

The inbuilt LED lights are capable of illuminating a single court at a time and are clearly visible in direct sunlight. They are said to eliminate the need for complex portable floors to host high profile events and display any colour.

Dynamik continues, the ASB glass floor is low maintenance, with no need for floor protection or specific types of cleaning product. It is said to be resistant to marks from shoes and safe with scrubber dryer machines.

The ASB glass floor by Dynamik can reportedly incorporate LED panels under the complete floor to provide a full TV-like screen with no detrimental effect to its performance. This provides opportunities for scoring, advertising, branding, emergency exit lighting and any visual the user desires. ‘At a time when getting global reach is vital in this fast-paced media world this floor represents a game-changing opportunity,’ suggests Dynamik.

With regards to performance, the ASB glass floor is said to boast a Class A4 classification under the European Standard for Sports Floors – BSEN 14904.

The ASB glass floor by Dynamik can even reportedly be used for sports in the dark with UV illumination and neon colours. The company says the next big growth market for interactive surfaces fits perfectly with glass floor LED screens. As more and more areas of our lives are replaced by technology the hi-tech solution offered by ASB Glass is said to be ‘very significant’.
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