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Ege Carpets at Clerkenwell

AT Clerkenwell Design Week 2018, ege launches two new carpet tile collections from the reportedly environmental friendly ReForm family. Featuring quite different design expressions, but both in multidimensional structures, the collections are said to bring two new dimensions to the concept. The Artworks Ecotrust design is claimed to capture the energy from artistic brushstrokes inspired by the abstract expressionist movement in the 1950’s New York. The collection reportedly transfers mark-making, collage and the aesthetics of chance to the floor scape.

The other ege innovation, Terra Ecotrust, is said to mirror diverse landscapes from all around the world. Inspired by the earth seen from above, the collection is claimed to transform ‘wild forests, roaring oceans and dry deserts to flooring surfaces constantly revealing new details to the watchful eye’.

Both collections hold the reportedly regenerated and regenerable Econyl yarns based on used fishing nets and other industrial waste that are reborn as ege carpets. On top of that, all ReForm tiles are equipped with ege’s patented Ecotrust backing, which the company says is made from used water bottles that are transformed into a soft yet extremely strong felt material. The Ecotrust backing is claimed to add acoustic advantages and improved comfort to any room. Artworks Ecotrust and Terra Ecotrust are reportedly Cradle to Cradle certified and ege says it offers 20 years wear warranty on tile projects.

Taking a deep dive into the portfolio of ready-to-produce ege designs, a new express concept is introduced as well. Structured around six design themes; arts & crafts, classic, cultures, essentials, graphic and nature, the Highline Express collections offer a selection of premade designs said to be suitable for a myriad of purposes. Enriched with a what ege describes as a significantly improved recolouration option, this concept is said to make the standard design decision process much easier and very flexible.

Stop by the ege showroom on 13-16 Britton Street to explore it all.

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