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F Ball and Co doubles down on recycling

F BALL and Co is redoubling its efforts to reduce the amount of plastic waste produced by the flooring industry by expanding the F Ball bucket and bottle recycling scheme, which provides contractors with a convenient way to recycle packaging for many of its products.

The amplified initiative will double the number of locations at distributor partners across the UK where contractors can effortlessly dispose of empty recyclable F Ball buckets and bottles in branded receptacles, for free.

F Ball has introduced recyclable packaging for several products, with much of the new packaging itself manufactured from recycled materials, allowing it to be reprocessed multiple times. These include recyclable ‘eco pouches’ for its floor repair and finishing compounds, which require significantly less plastic to produce than the products’ previous packaging, and fully recyclable versions of five and 20 litre plastic bottles used for liquids, including primers and tackifiers.

The expansion of the company’s scheme is a response to a positive reception from flooring contractors to the initial pilot, with bin-loads of empty containers that would have otherwise been destined for landfill being taken back for reprocessing.

Commenting on the scheme, F Ball sales director Darren Kenyon said: ‘As a business, we have a responsibility to strive for sustainability and limit the impact our activities have on the environment, including reducing both the resources that we consume and the waste that we produce. Accordingly, and in compliance with ISO 14001 standards, the company evaluates the entire life cycle of its products when looking for ways to be more sustainable, including the materials used to make them, manufacturing processes and how they can be recycled or disposed of responsibly following use. In line with this, we’re making it as easy as possible for flooring contractors to recycle the packaging used for our products.

‘Subject to the continued success of the programme, there are plans for it to be further rolled out to achieve more widespread geographical coverage, so I encourage customers to continue to take advantage of the service.’
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