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Forbo’s Marmoleum ‘achieves climate-positive status’

IN the face of the escalating global climate crisis, specifiers, contractors and end-users are increasingly looking to reduce carbon emissions and find solutions which contribute positively to sustainable design and reduced CO2 emissions.

Understanding these challenges, Forbo Flooring Systems says it’s proud to announce a ground-breaking milestone for its ‘market-leading’ Marmoleum range: it adds that it’s successfully achieved official climate positive status from cradle-to-gate, without offsetting.

Says Forbo: ‘Internationally recognised for its superior environmental credentials, including the prestigious Nordic Swan, the Blue Angel, and Nature Plus certifications, Marmoleum firmly establishes its leadership in the sustainable flooring industry with this new status.

‘In fact, every square metre of Marmoleum 2.5mm sheet now contributes to removing an additional 446g of carbon dioxide from the air, going beyond net-zero emissions to positively impact the climate, from cradle-to-gate.

‘What sets Marmoleum apart is Forbo’s commitment to holistic sustainability. Its Marmoleum sheet range has been designed to ensure that every stage of its product lifecycle has a positive impact on the environment. This includes the careful consideration of factors such as raw material extraction, manufacturing processes, energy consumption, transportation, installation, in situ cleaning and maintenance, as well as end-of-life options.’

The company continues: ‘It’s this commitment that has been independently validated by a rigorous lifecycle assessment (LCA) based environmental product declaration (EPD), which confirms Forbo’s Marmoleum operations, from cradle-to-gate (stages A1-A3), result in a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. There are many elements that contribute to Marmoleum’s climate positive status, including the fact that it’s manufactured from on average 97% renewable raw materials, which are sourced from suppliers that are committed to sustainable practices.’

The company adds: ‘Forbo’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities minimises energy usage, and together with the use of 100% renewable electricity has a positive impact on reducing its carbon footprint.

‘It’s also implemented strategic measures to optimise transportation logistics to minimise emissions associated with the delivery of its raw materials and its products to customers. What’s more, Forbo continues to transition from a linear to circular business model. Investment continues to further develop its internal recycling processes, links to its reuse partners, who add so much in terms of social value, and external recyclers. By working together, the company aims to minimise waste and maximise resource utilisation.’

Mark Bauer, environmental specialist at Forbo, commented: ‘The latest results of our Marmoleum EPDs highlight the improvements that have been made throughout all stages of Marmoleum’s lifecycle, and is another important step on our journey towards creating a circular economy.

‘By choosing Marmoleum, architects, specifiers and designers can be confident that their flooring choice positively contributes to the fight against climate change, while maintaining the highest standards of quality, design, and innovation.’

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