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Forbo’s Marmoleum Cocoa collection: Climate positive & sustainable flooring

A new independent EPD has verified that Forbo Flooring Systems 2.0 and 2.5mm Marmoleum sheet collections are now naturally climate positive, cradle to gate, without offsetting. To celebrate, Forbo has refreshed its popular Marmoleum Cocoa collection with a variety of new shades to allow specifiers to create beautiful, contemporary interiors, whilst contributing to the circularity of a building.

Forbo’s Marmoleum Cocoa collection is manufactured from 97% natural raw materials, such as flax seeds, jute and rosin; and 43% recycled content including upcycled cocoa husk waste from the chocolate manufacturing industry. What’s more, of this recycled content, 33% is made up of industry and installation waste, and now, for the first time in Forbo’s history, End of Life (EOL) recycled Marmoleum content. This milestone further highlights the sustainability of the collection.

Within the new Marmoleum Cocoa collection, specifiers will find 10 soft yet highly contemporary colourways, of which six are completely new to the range. The new colourways include the refined green-grey Eucalyptus, the coppery Salted Caramel, and the muted blue Indigo Milk – plus three more: Milk Chocolate, Nori and Meringue. These shades combined with the cocoa husks included within the manufacturing process has resulted in a modern flooring solution, which meets the interior design trends and sustainable building requirements of today and the future.

Karen Wilding, Marketing Communications Manager at Forbo Flooring Systems, commented: ‘At Forbo, we are delighted to share the news about the new independent EPD, which has verified that our sheet Marmoleum collection is climate positive, from cradle to gate, without offsetting. This means that the CO2 removed from the atmosphere during the growing of its natural ingredients exceeds the CO2 produced in the extraction, transportation, and manufacturing processes. In fact, the figure is now -0.44kg CO2 equivalent/m2.

‘This, plus the fact that our new Marmoleum Cocoa collection now includes EOL recycled Marmoleum content, demonstrates our true commitment to developing sustainable flooring solutions, to help lower emissions and reduce waste.’

Forbo’s Marmoleum Cocoa collection, and wider Marmoleum range, is still not only one of the most sustainable floor coverings available on the market, but its contemporary yet timeless designs make it suitable for all modern commercial interiors, where aesthetics and sustainability are vital. But that’s not all. Thanks to its Topshield Pro surface finish, Marmoleum is also incredibly durable, resistant to scratches and stains, and easy to clean and maintain.

For more information about Forbo’s sustainability commitments and to download the new EPD visit
www.forbo-flooring.co.uk/sustainability or for further information about the new Marmoleum Cocoa collection, visit

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