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Combi-bac® – the future of carpet backing!

At Furlong Flooring, we care about the quality, look and fit of our entire range – but we’re also committed to making your life easier. Whether you’re an independent retailer, a property developer, a contractor or installer, our job is to help you give your customers the best possible service.

Which is why our carpets are now coming with our revolutionary soft backing – Combi-bac®.

What is Combi-bac®?

Combi-bac® is a soft, flexible yet strong carpet backing which is already bringing huge benefits – not only to the end consumer but to the supply and installer chain too. These benefits include:

Increased strength and flexibility

Standard tape backing can sometimes be stiff and difficult to work with. It can be difficult to handle during cold weather and can make carpet rolls tricky to carry and manoeuvre into difficult areas. Combi-bac® has both the strength and flexibility to beat these challenges, allowing you to deliver and fit showroom-fresh carpet every time. In fact, Combi-bac® has six times the yield of a standard secondary backing.

Eliminate re-stretching

One of the additional costs to an installation can be the need to re-stretch the carpet. Our statistics show that the combined stability and strength of Combi-bac® has eradiated the need for re-stretching; minimising the additional costs that can have an impact on bottom-line profit.

No more scuffing

Scuffing is a big headache for installers, retailers and contractors across the UK. The common stiff carpet backing can sometimes make it difficult to bend and manoeuvre the carpet when installing. It’s particularly tricky when the carpet needs navigating through thin hallways or upstairs as its rigid nature means that walls and skirting boards can get accidentally scuffed.

Combi-bac®’s soft and flexible nature means that carpets can be bent and navigated through the home more easily, minimising the chance of scuffing and other damage.

Reduced creasing

The flexible nature of Combi-bac® means it is easily rolled. That means when the carpet is laid, it won’t have any flaws, creases or bumps.

No damage in transit

Sometimes, carpet can become damaged in transit because the movement of the lorry can cause friction between the stiff backing and the trufts, leaving the carpet looking worn and defaced in places.

As Combi-bac® is a soft and flexible yet highly adhesive backing, there’s unlikely to be friction between the backing and the tufts. This means reduced damage and a carpet that’s in just as good condition as when it left the warehouse.

We currently have Combi-bac® as standard on the following ranges:

If you are worried about carpet quality and are looking for a range which can be fitted easily, look no further than these ranges which cover both Saxony and Twist carpets. We are happy to provide samples so you can show customers exactly how this backing differs from the rest.

Supporting you all the way

Developing products and innovations like Combi-bac® is just part of the way we support our customers, and we’ll continue to bring new products and systems to the market whenever we can.

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