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Our Work with Carpet Mills

Carpet Mills is a family-owned retailer based in Maidstone and supplies carpet, vinyl, laminate and more to both the domestic and commercial markets. The business has been trading for more than 30 years and has a loyal customer base.

With a 6,000 sq. ft. store in central Maidstone, plus a great service where staff will take samples to homeowners so that they can choose their flooring without leaving the house, it’s a business that has built its reputation on quality, price and dedicated customer service.

Like many bricks-and-mortar retailers, Carpet Mills has seen an increase in customers using price comparison to find products cheaper elsewhere – either from other stores or online. This is something that the business needed to address, and so they spoke to us as one of their key suppliers to see how we could help.

Working with the team, we decided to create a dedicated ‘Carpet Mills’ brand, with the tag line ‘From our family to yours’. This builds trust with the customer, gives them confidence in the levels of customer service they will get, and creates an immediate connection.

We re-branded all their current and new point-of-sale displays, samples and product labels. The range names and colour codes are unique to the store, giving them the ability to sell high quality product at competitive prices, whilst protecting their position in the local market place.

“Furlong Flooring is much more than a simple supplier. They care about helping us to build our business, retain our customers and bring new people through the door. This is a great solution to the price comparison issues we were facing and by working as a team with Furlong, we’ve already seen an improvement.” – Jemima Wyrill, Owner at Carpet Mills.

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