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Treat yourself to the satisfaction of luxury carpet

Treat yourself to the satisfaction of luxury carpet

There’s nothing quite like the feel of deep pile carpet under your feet. You’re automatically relaxed, your room is warmer and cosier, and you can indulge in some downtime in a beautiful interior.

Luxury carpet doesn’t have to cost a fortune – in fact, you can carpet those important rooms in your home – sitting rooms and bedrooms in particular – with luxury deep pile carpet without the sky-high price tag. And at a time when home budgets are squeezed, that’s important.

What is luxury carpet?

Deep-pile carpet is usually defined as carpet with fibres more than 12mm long. The longer the fibres, the deeper and more luxury-feel your carpet will be. These types of carpets are ideal for rooms where you have lower footfall or want to keep a more comfortable feel – and that’s why they are often chosen for bedrooms, where warmth and comfort is important, or for living rooms where people want to relax and put their feet up.

How to choose your luxury carpet

There’s no shortage of deep-pile carpet on the market, so how do you choose the right one for you? Here’s our quick guide to choosing luxury carpet for your home:

Durable fibres – there’s no point paying for a luxury carpet if the fibres come loose or flatten very quickly. You want a carpet with durable fibres, preferably with a high number of fibres per square metre, so that you know it is well constructed and is going to give you that super-comfortable feel for a long time.

Easy-clean – even if this carpet is going into a room like your bedroom, you can’t guarantee it’s not going to get dirty. Spills from coffee cups, over-enthusiastic children, or muddy animals paying you a visit can all mess up your carpet. So you want something that’s easy to clean so you can keep it looking fresh and new.

Better fitting – fitting is a skilled job and great carpet fitters know exactly how to prepare and lay a carpet for the best finish. But the underlay or backing on your carpet can also make a big difference to how easy it is to fit your carpet. Look for a carpet with backing that reduces delamination – where the various layers of carpet separate when rolled or moved around for fitting. This will give you a great-looking carpet for years to come.

Good warranty – it’s important to check out the warranty on the carpet you buy. Some warranties cover you for very little, while others are much more comprehensive. Make sure you look for a carpet brand that offers good quality warranties.

Introducing our Satisfaction luxury carpet collection

We’re delighted to launch our Satisfaction collection – designed for people who want affordable, long-lasting luxury in their homes.

Available in two range options, Satisfaction Ultra and Satisfaction Moods, this collection is made from our hugely popular bleach-cleanable carefree fibres, featuring our innovative Combi-bac® backing, and delivering extra comfort and trouble-free fitting.

Both ranges come in 15 elegant colours, suitable for both contemporary and traditional interior styling and ideal for cosy bedrooms and elegant sitting rooms.

Satisfaction Ultra is our heavyweight high-end luxury carpet, using deeper fibres than any of our other ranges. Soft and warm to the touch, it’s also easy to maintain, offering the best of all worlds in a single package. With an additional 7,362 tufts per square metre, Satisfaction Ultra is a more dense, sophisticated carpet that discerning customers will love, complementing any interior design.

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