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Gerflor and the housing sector

ENSURING we live in a quieter world is bound to be appealing to most specifiers as the demand for a muted environment seems to be increasingly the trend.

Noise means stress, and can even be a contributing factor to illness. Prolonged high noise levels can lead to severe health problems like headaches, lack of sleep, and poor concentration not to mention some levels of unacceptable social behaviour. After all, who wants to hear their neighbours trudging around?

Surveys have revealed noise is one of the most common causes for complaint. In meeting this challenge, Gerflor has produced a range of products to address the needs of the UK’s burgeoning housing sector.

The Agrippa range from Gerflor is described by the company as ‘a beautiful and practical domestic slip-resistant vinyl flooring’ with a cushioned foam backing, making it comfortable underfoot.

This slip-resistant flooring is suitable for the whole home and is extremely tough and durable, Gerflor claims.

‘Agrippa is the ideal solution for housing projects providing a stylish collection of woods, tiles and designs with realistic finishes,’ the company says. ‘Its slip-resistant surface is perfect for wet and dry conditions.
‘It has a R10 rating and meets HSE guidelines. The Agrippa domestic safety flooring range also has an outstanding acoustic rating of 19dB and with a Pureclean surface that doesn’t trap dirt it needs less water and detergent to clean.

‘Agrippa is also 100% recyclable and comes with a 10-year guarantee for that additional peace of mind.’

Gerflor says its Griptex range is a warm and comfortable slip-resistant vinyl flooring with a unique Gerflor fibre technology (GFT) polyester textile backing. It’s a perfect flooring choice for any renovation and new build housing project, the company says.

‘The slip-resistant surface works in wet and dry, ≥36 conditions. It’s also rated R10 and meets HSE guidelines. It comes with an acoustic rating of 3mm thick, and has a tough and durable wearlayer with a 15-year warranty.

‘The GFT polyester textile backing system will smooth over slight subfloor irregularities, reducing the need for extensive time consuming and inconvenient sub-floor preparation.  Griptex also provides water resistance from above and below.

‘It can be loose laid up to 35sq m where no glue is required and can also be laid over most existing smooth floor coverings and over damp floors (up to 90% RH), or a floor where a DMP hasn’t been incorporated.’
Broadland Housing Association provides more than 4,600 homes across trfolk and Suffolk region. When tenants reported that the previous 2mm thick flooring was the single item letting down its new kitchen package a more attractive and less utilitarian alternative was required.

‘Designs and colours from the range fitted the scheme, plus Griptex from Gerflor provided that extra bit of underfoot cushioning,’ said Simon Brister, Broadland Housing Association’s asset management surveyor.
‘It may cost slightly more to purchase but as it can be laid without adhesive and saves on labour, which is the big expense factor, it really becomes a cost-effective flooring.’

Provider of social housing repair and maintenance services, Mears, is partnering contractor to Broadland Housing.

Gerry Claxton, operational planned works manager for Mears said Griptex has accelerated installation times since it replaced the previously specified flooring: ‘It’s definitely quicker to install,’ he says.
‘We no longer need to latex most subfloors while Griptex goes directly over the existing tiles if they’re still well-adhered. The flooring contractors now loose-lay the flooring using just tape at the edges without having to wait for glue to ‘go-off’ before the remainder of the kitchen and bathroom refurbishment gets underway.

‘Faster completion times are also helpful to tenants within occupied housing who remain in-situ while the work is carried out.’
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