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Heckmondwike FB | Implementing biophilic design

BIOPHILIC design is as much about what to take out of the design as much as it is about adding nature into the design.
Some suggestions to improve biophilic design in your institution would be to follow the list below and make the following recommendations: optimisation and organisation of spaces with a human focus.

Why not add more natural colourways into the wall and floor coverings? Heckmondwike says you can use Supacord or Odyssey for a range of flooring colours to match items naturally occurring.  

Mediate thermal comfort levels by ensuring a temperate room temperature for comfort. Using a carpet tile can reportedly aid in generating a mental reaction of warmth and comfort compared to other flooring materials.  

Air quality, toxin levels and ventilation, if moderated, can ensure a healthier atmosphere for users. Flooring ranges such as Total Care and Pure Care are designed with Aqu-Bac reportedly impervious backings which are said to reduce dust, dirt and moisture penetrating the floor surface.  Acoustic comfort can be obtained via managing wall coverings, noisy interruptions such as telephone rings and technology sounds and even by installing flooring with acoustic backs such as Supacord and Odyssey which Heckmondwike says maximizes comfort and reduce decibel ratings. Improved natural and artificial lighting using the correct luminosity will provide less strain to users’ eyes and provide a mental uplift.

The use of natural materials textures, patterns and colours such as nylons and woven materials used in flooring can reconnect children and staff with nature and its influences.

The incorporation of recuperative spaces is very important to create a break from stressful circumstances. By creating designated breakout areas by switching flooring colour or product, a person can move to a place of calm colours and generate a similarly calm mood.

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