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A right royal resin round-up

Ed Birch looks at resin-flooring projects across the commercial sector.

Flowstone: Hand sanitiser manufacturing plant, County Durham
DENBIGHSHIRE-based Flowstone Industrial Flooring was commissioned to carry out specialised flooring works for a hand sanitiser manufacturing facility. The primary objective of the project was to create chemical-resistant bunds* around the tanks used for producing hand sanitiser.

The existing bund area required refurbishment, necessitating the expertise of Flowstone’s specialist epoxy resin contractors.

The objective was to provide a resilient coating capable of withstanding various chemicals, including alcohol, ethanol and isopropanol, in the event of spillage or leaks. The works area covered a total flooring area of 2,400sq m, which was executed in phases throughout the project.

Flowstone specified Virtus Resins Strongcoat, a durable two-part epoxy resin with a smooth gloss finish, for the project. The first part of the epoxy resin involved the onsite mixing of resin, hardener and additive to create the final chemical-resistant coating.

The second part entailed the application of the product using medium pile resin rollers to achieve an aesthetically attractive finish while ensuring the coating’s durability.

The company says Virtus Resins Strongcoat offers several advantages over other products available in the market. It’s rustproof, weatherproof and resistant to pitting, ensuring that it remains even and smooth, and prevents corrosion when exposed to various environmental conditions.

Furthermore, Strongcoat provides chemical resistance, including resistance to alcohol, which was a critical requirement for this project. To meet the client’s preferences, the final finish was customised in RAL 5024 (Pastel Blue) colour.

Before the application of the epoxy resin, the existing bund area underwent bolt repairs and general improvements. Flowstone utilised diamond grinding equipment to remove rust and debris from the existing epoxy coating, followed by a thorough cleaning with solvents. The intricate work involved diamond grinding and painting around the bund plinths and fixed machinery.

  • A chemical bund is a structure designed to protect against environmental hazards such as oil spills and chemical leaks. Its purpose is to prevent contamination of land, water sources and air quality in surrounding areas.

    Monarch: Vehicle storage warehouse, Hull
    Monarch has been installing resin flooring to vehicle storage warehouses, car garages and MOT centres across the UK for a number of years.

    In this latest project it installed its own product, Monarcoat 720 to an area of approximately 400sq m in one of its standard grey colours. Along with the grey floor, Monarch also installed a green gangway with pedestrian symbols at the entrance – this was to indicate that the green area was to be used by pedestrians only, for health and safety reasons. The project also needed a crossing area which leads pedestrians from the gangways safely to the entrances and exits. The company says that that Monarcoat 720 created a hard-wearing surface which is suitable for vehicle traffic. It adds that the floor is fully sealed and seamless which can be easily cleaned and sanitised. 

    Monarcoat 720 is an epoxy resin floor coating which is used in the industrial sector as a factory floor coating. It is also used within the automotive sector in car workshops and garages. Monarcoat 720 is chemical and abrasion-resistant coating which gives a coloured gloss finish.
    Monarch’s main office is in Dronfield, Derbyshire.

    Floortrack: Electronic manufacturer, King’s Lynn
    Floortrack, based in Romsey, Hampshire, was approached by Foster Refrigerator, an electronic manufacturer that was looking for a practical and efficient flooring solution that would withstand high traffic commercial environment. The client wanted the flooring to be a simple addition that would seamlessly suit their electronic production space whilst also being hard-wearing and easy to clean.

    Floortrack recommended an epoxy flake flooring system to meet the client’s needs. The system is popular in warehouse, retail and commercial environments as it’s durable against risks of damages from machinery and equipment. The company create the flake effect by adding decorative flakes in between a base coat and finishing coat. The flake system can be adapted into a matt or gloss finish to suit different styles – the client chose a matt finish as it was more practical for their business.

    The flooring project was completed on time and within budget. The client was pleased with the outcome of their flake flooring, and look forward to a more withstanding and stylish flooring solution that will benefit them for years to come.
    Ed Birch is an independent columnist
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