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Carpet tiles provide plentiful options for commercial design

Lewis Cooper explores the benefits of carpet tiles for your project.

IN keeping with the recent shift in work patterns and behaviour of the modern workforce, commercial spaces are now required to be more easily and quickly adaptable, which has put pressure onto contractors to recommend solutions that can meet these new expectations.
However, choosing the most suitable contract flooring doesn’t have to be complicated. Here, I’ll explore the benefits of carpet tiles for your project.

Whatever the specific requirements of the commercial project may be, there are many solutions on the market that will fit the bill. However, one product that offers many benefits and provides the perfect solution is carpet tiles.

With quick and easy installation using tackifier, they can be installed over raised access flooring, making it the ideal floorcovering for workspaces by allowing access to wiring and cables underneath. Additionally, owing to its modular format, tiles can be stored before and during installation and waste is reduced.

Carpet tiles provide a durable solution for busy offices, large or small, with their ability to withstand heavy traffic. What’s more, owing to the modular nature of the product, damaged or stained tiles can be easily lifted and replaced, without having to replace the entire flooring scheme.

In addition to this, carpet tiles provide a warm and soft underfoot feel, contributing to a more comfortable atmosphere, whilst also helping to reduce impact sound – an important consideration for office spaces – to support concentration, productivity and collaboration.

Design can have a big impact on how a space is perceived or how it functions, fortunately carpet tiles can also be found in a range of designs and colourways, allowing your customer to pick the décor they feel best suits their space or commercial branding.

In addition to this, some offices can have various zones within one, wider space, such as workspaces, meeting rooms, breakout areas or even kitchens. By considering the choice of carpet tiles, you can easily distinguish different areas within a space, while ensuring the flooring scheme as a whole is coherent – whether that’s through the colourways or designs selected, or by how they’re installed, creating laying patterns.

To help flooring contractors meet these client requirements quickly and easily, there are carpet tile collections available, such as Forbo’s Tessera Union, which consists of tonally co-ordinated designs to help create beautifully integrated and seamless flooring schemes.

Made and stocked in the UK, Forbo’s Tessera Union collection is a series of complementing and adaptable carpet tile ranges, designed to address the needs of modern workplace design, available in 50x50cm format.

Comprising three ranges: Tessera Infused, Tessera Accord and Tessera Harmony, which share identical yarns and tones, allowing interesting pattern change, single tone design schemes to be developed.

What’s more, the Tessera Union Collection can be combined with Forbo’s Allura Flex LVT planks and tiles, without the need for transition strips, additional profiles, or an inconvenient build-up of the sub floor. It can also be used alongside other Tessera ranges, such as Chroma and Layout to create beautifully integrated flooring schemes.
Lewis Cooper is marketing executive, Forbo Flooring Systems

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