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Design without the Fuss

Scott looks at the popularity of design floors and how manufacturers are meeting the need for more flexible installation.

With many locations seeing the benefits of floors that can offer more in terms of design, particularly as a way of marking out areas around key points such as cash desks, concessions, lift lobbies, receptions, and more; contractors are being tasked with ever more complex layouts.

While these designs can be accommodated with traditional dryback LVT products, a carefully thought-out design, highly-experienced installer teams, and additional fitting time; the demand for ever quicker turnaround as well as the need to combat a range of on-site conditions — including ongoing operation — means the pressure is on from many fronts.

However, there are products out there that can help contractors to create great looking floor designs quickly and easily. While not allowing the use of feature strips or complex patterns, it’s impressive what can be achieved with wood planks and stone tiles that can be installed in any combination.

Whether a herringbone design, stripes, chequerboard, or a wood floor with stone tile inserts, contractors can produce a great looking floor in no time at all thanks to a locking mechanism that is the same on all four sides. This system makes it possible to install in any direction and any combination.

These systems are designed for vinyl floors with a rigid construction. Overcoming telegraphing and can with just a Stanley knife, these floors get rid of glue, noise, and dust on-site and are an ideal option for projects where the business remains operational. Another advantage is that a design floor look can be achieved following a few simple fitting guidelines. Allowing teams across a broad range of technical knowledge and ability to deliver a good result, it makes getting a great looking floor a wholly more relaxing affair.

Of course, this flexibility would mean little if the floor was incapable of being installed in larger areas. Thankfully, the stability of the floor’s construction and strength of the locking system means they can be installed in room sizes of up to 30mx30m depending on the ambient conditions. For contractors looking for a flexible installation solution that offers the durability and easy maintenance of dryback LVT in commercial environments, these systems are certainly worth investigating.

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