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Designs to consider for office refurbishments

Ellen Reith discusses the design of offices and what contractors may want to consider when refurbishing an office space.

WHILE we’ve have seen the demand for office space steadily increase as we emerge from the pandemic, the widespread move towards hybrid working means the way office space is used may have changed forever.

Recent surveys suggest inquiries for office spaces have increased by 300% across Europe, this is following most countries relaxing Covid-19 restrictions. In fact, the doors of offices are now starting to swing back-and-forth as employees begin to return to in-office working. However, with the WFH revolution, many end clients have had to recognise the importance of creating a nice working environment to actually tempt their workers back – and are looking to refurbish their spaces to create more welcoming surroundings for their employees.

While there are many factors to consider when refurbishing an office space, pre-pandemic research showed the type of flooring used in an office can greatly influence employees in a working environment. Flooring can remedy most office issues, such as temperature, noise, and comfort, to name just a few. What’s more, flooring can be used to create a variety of zones in one space, whilst also helping to differentiate workspaces and social spaces.

Although there are many benefits to carefully selecting floor coverings, the flooring is the largest surface area in any space, so great consideration must be taken when reviewing solutions. As well as considering the practical benefits of floor coverings, the design is equally important. For example, using a vibrant design can signify a break-out area or social spaces for employees to relax within, whereas a more natural design can provide a nice backdrop to a working environment, helping to connect employees with nature.

There are collections available on the market that fit these design specifications, such as Forbo’s Tessera Workspace Collection, which comprises three different carpet tile ranges: Cloudscape, Inline and Layout. Cloudscape offers a more natural palette, which is perfect for working areas; Layout provides a pop of colour for a social, break out areas and Inline can be used for connective walkways. The workspace collection offers flooring contractors with a variety of options to help meet the needs of their client’s office refurbishment.

Manufactured and stocked in the UK, Forbo’s Tessera Workspace collection can also be installed alongside Forbo’s Allura LVT to fulfil all flooring needs and can be delivered to contractors in a week or less! Perfect for when time is of the essence.
Ellen Reith, segment marketing manager at Forbo Flooring Systems

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