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Endless possibilities with thePlusfloor Vero collection

One of the many benefits of installing a glue-down LVT system as opposed to click-lock is the freedom it brings to create different looks and finishes through experimenting with colours, formations and patterns.

More often than not, customers choose to install a singular colour in one format throughout their scheme for a sharp, clean and consistent finish. However, there are benefits to mixing and matching different colours and formats in one scheme, such as opening up tighter spaces, creating specific break-out areas in an open plan space and more importantly, injecting a bit of personality and fun into designs.

Most designers create spaces which respect the architecture in their environment, considering angles, lines, lighting and space. Creating lines in design can be the most powerful and clever solution to opening up enclosed spaces by leading the eye in one direction rather than focusing on one specific area. Routinely, chevron profiles have been used to solve this problem, however, the chevron design can be quite overwhelming in larger areas, for example in corridors. By alternating colours in the chevron, or colour blocking through the design, the eye is still led by the parallel lines but isn’t overwhelmed by the repeating pattern.

In larger spaces which have multiple purposes, such as in the workplace or in open-plan residential projects, flooring can be used to section off areas for specific tasks. For example, in workplace environments where there is likely to be quieter working areas, break-out seating, banks of desks and meeting rooms on the same floor plan, different colours can be used to create blocks.

Traditionally, feature strips have been used around the base of staircases or around the edges of rooms as a means of framing, but they can also be used to break up spaces when moving from one design to another. By using feature strips to break up spaces, it allows you to maintain the continuity of one colour whilst alternating format.

Inspired by Italy, the Vero collection has been designed with luxury in mind. Pairing the smaller-sized planks with our signature TrueGrain registered embossing, the Vero collection is perfect for creating style and symmetry in interior design. With a 36 PTV rating and a waterproof finish, our Vero LVT is the ideal choice for use in areas with heavy footfall.

Vero has a considered colour palette, based on trending colours in both commercial and residential settings from the white-washed Florence through the warming natural tones of the Pompeii and Sorrento colours to the more daring charcoal Tuscany, giving you the perfect spectrum to work with.
Lincoln Gibson is projects director at Plusfloor

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