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Guaranteed deliveries ensure refurbishments stay on schedule

Donna Hannaway discusses how contractors can ensure guaranteed supplies of their
chosen flooring solution.

CARPET tiles are an especially popular solution for commercial refurbishments, providing underfoot comfort and versatility in design. However, when it comes to refurbishments, it’s important that the contractors carrying out the project are able to reliably source the solutions they need.

Here I’ll discuss how contractors can ensure guaranteed supplies of their chosen flooring solution.

When undertaking commercial refurbishments, there are a wide range of options available to contractors, one of the most popular being carpet tiles. Offering good underfoot comfort, carpet tiles can help to maintain relaxed and warm interior spaces for those using them, as well as excellent acoustic properties, reducing noise transmission in busier environments.
As if that wasn’t enough, many flooring manufacturers also offer various carpet tile designs. These can include neutral colours, perfect for focused and productive workspaces, or brighter and more eye-catching designs, for inspirational and creative areas.

Not only this, but some collections, such as Forbo’s Tessera Layout and Outline, can also allow for a combination of colourways to be paired together, owing to the similarity in patterns, tones and yarns used. This allows for beautiful and integrated interior spaces to be created.

However, refurbishments can often be time-sensitive jobs, with work needing to be completed during holiday periods, over weekends or simply in a short space of time as requested by a customer, to keep downtime and disruption to a minimum. The method of installation can also impact the speed of laying, with new innovations, like IOBAC MagTabs, allowing for adhesive-free installation of carpet tiles.

However, before you even think about installing floorcoverings, you need to have the product on site. If there are delays with the delivery at this stage, there can be considerable consequences further down the line, financially and in terms of time management. As such, ensuring a guaranteed supply of a chosen floorcovering is essential for contractors looking to undertake a refurbishment project.

To help with this, some manufacturers may offer supply guarantees, ensuring stock is delivered in a certain timescale and to a certain limit. For example, the Forbo Direct guarantee from Forbo ensures contractors can order up to 500sq m of commercial carpet tiles for delivery within five working days. In the event that this isn’t met, they can get up to £500 back.

This guarantee is available on some of Forbo’s most popular colourways across two of its best commercial carpet tile collections – Tessera Layout and Outline.

Forbo Direct ensures peace of mind for contractors who need a good supply of commercial flooring for an upcoming refurbishment. Find out more about Forbo Direct, here: www.forbo.com/flooring/en-uk/commercial-products/forbo-direct/p1uxvv
Donna Hannaway is head of marketing at Forbo Flooring Systems

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