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How much should I have in my toolkit?

You never know what’s going to happen, so preparation is key. If you’re not prepared and find out that you don’t have the tools until you’re on the job site, you’ll need to pay to get them delivered, increasing costs in the long-term.

The best thing to do is calculate what you need in advance. From past experience, work out how many square feet you can get out of your tooling with the machine you use and the average square foot you work on to decide what will last. Keeping spare sets of tools can help you prepare for the unexpected – for instance, you could hit a deadhead in the concrete and break off a segment. You don’t want to be on a jobsite and discover that you can’t work because you don’t have the tools. It’s better to have a little left over than run out near the end of a job and panic about how you’re going to get more.
Dave Bigham, global director of training

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