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How to claim cashback

Steve Boulton explains how to claim cashback on all purchases of F Ball and Co’s products.

NOW more than ever it’s useful for flooring contractors to know how to keep costs down without compromising on installation quality wherever possible.

One method that is open to members of the Ball Rewards loyalty programme is to claim cashback on all purchases of F Ball products made through approved distributors.

It’s completely free to join, and in addition to regular cashback, members gain access to a wide range of benefits, including the opportunity to enter monthly competitions to win exclusive prizes, advanced previews of new products and access to F Ball’s e-newsletter, F-Talk.

The cashback value is usually 2.5%, but there are special promotions each quarter, often giving the chance to claim extra cashback on particular products. Over 10 years since it launched, it has returned more than £6m to flooring contractors and retailers.

You’d be forgiven for thinking no one would let the opportunity to save money pass them by, but you might be surprised by the sums that go unclaimed, particularly given the process involves just the following simple steps.

You first need to become a Ball Rewards member by applying by phone or online on the Ball Rewards site. You’ll need to provide bank details as part of the application process. This allows us to make direct payments straight into your bank account. You can change your details at a later date.

We’ll send your Ball Rewards card with your unique number to put on claims forms, and you then have two options to make a claim for cashback.

Many F Ball wholesalers will automatically process your cashback claim on your behalf, so ask your local wholesaler or your F Ball’s technical representative for details about participating distributors.

Making a claim
Alternatively, you can submit a cashback claim yourself. To do this, you need to download and print a claim form for the relevant period from the Ball Rewards site.

Then simply complete the form by inserting your name as shown on your Ball Rewards card and Ball Rewards card number and list the distributor’s name, invoice numbers, dates and F Ball goods values. If there’s more than one F Ball product on an invoice, just list the invoice once with the total value of those goods.

You must enclose a copy of the invoices you have listed or proof of purchase for verification purposes. These need to clearly show the F Ball products purchased and the prices paid, along with the purchaser’s name as it appears on your Ball Rewards Card.

Post the claim form to us
The next step is to post everything to us at the address on the form – we can’t currently process claims via email or fax because of the volume we receive. There are four claims periods per year, corresponding with the quarters January-March, April-June, July-September and October-December.
You have two months after the end date of each period to submit your claim.

Receive your cashback
Once we have received your form, we will work out the cashback amount due to you, including any extra promotional value and send the cashback via BACS payment to your nominated account, and you will receive a notification of the payment.

It’s as easy as that
Currently, Ball Rewards members can claim 10% cashback on purchases of Stopgap F78, Stopgap 700 and Styccobond F58 PLUS until the end of September, in addition to the usual 2.5% cashback that they are able to claim on purchases of all other F Ball products.

For further information about claiming cashback and details of current Ball Rewards promotions, visit www.f-ball.com/rewards.
01538 361633
Steve Boulton is technical service manager at F Ball and Co

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