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Imaginative designs inspire optimism for the future

As we move firmly into a post-Covid world, Fleur looks at how the boundaries of design are being pushed.

Connecting with the natural world has been shown to have a positive impact on physical health and mental wellbeing. So it follows that introducing characterful biophilic designs into our indoor spaces can enhance these emotional connections.

Luxury vinyl tiles combine this desirable natural aesthetic with outstanding durability and flexibility so designers can create interesting and engaging spaces with an inside-outside feel that can effortlessly stand up to the demands of busy commercial settings. For a unique style that reflects a brand’s personality, a bespoke floor design will meet evolving customer needs and help a business stand out from its competitors.

Designed to provide an authentic look of natural materials but with all the benefits of cutting-edge technology, LVT can meet both the style requirements and technical specifications of any project. Available in a huge range of traditional and contemporary designs, LVT is offered in gluedown, loose lay and rigid core formats to suit various sub-floor conditions.

Now starting on the road to recovery, the hospitality industry is one sector looking to attract back customers with creative interiors. Venues that offer a high quality, personalised experience that is grounded in the history and culture of the locality, whether that is countryside, coastal or urban, will be able to reassure and comfort guests but also reflect our new attitudes to life, travel and leisure, giving them an advantage in this increasingly competitive market.

A bespoke floor design can reflect the individual identity of a venue as well as act as a guide to using and navigating the space. For example, a large open plan room can be partitioned into activity zones with a mix and match of designs in different laying patterns or angles. To facilitate wayfinding, walkways can be highlighted with a contrasting design. Alternatively, simply altering the laying pattern will give more subtle directional guidance. A herringbone pattern can be used to suggest direction and speed, encouraging large numbers of people to move efficiently from one area to another.

With a combination of designs and layouts, integrating borders, design strips and special cuts, particular architectural features can be emphasised. The consistent product thickness of Karndean means that wood and stone designs can be effortlessly laid alongside each other without any issues with gapping or lipping to give an individual look in adjoining zones.

An imaginative floor design can reflect the local environment and prompt an emotional connection with the story of the building and the area’s history and culture. Options include random herringbone patterns using any combination of complementary or contrasting wood, stone and solid colour planks, our Heritage Collection which reinvents historical style with a contemporary twist or our Kaleidoscope range which presents the opportunity to experiment with geometric patterns and dimension.

The Swan at Banton is a thriving shared community enterprise at the heart of village life and features a selection of oak, slate and porcelain Karndean designs that reflect the stunning local landscape and the history of the building. In its family friendly bar area, a bespoke floor has been designed using a striking geometric pattern from our Heritage Collection to highlight the serving area. The clear contrast visually defines this activity zone and picks out the blue tones of the surrounding slate design flooring and the blue-grey paintwork of the bar.

Tool & Gauge Kitchen in Somerset has also used the geometric patterns from the Heritage Collection, in this case to complement the industrial nature of the converted warehouse and to add a sense of intrigue. Using different patterns and borders, the flooring clearly identifies walkways, serving bars and seating areas while a bespoke design highlights the staircase and creates a humorous feature.

For the ultimate in bespoke design, LVT tiles can be laser-cut or hand-cut into any shape using any combination of tiles. With outstanding technical specifications and unrivalled flexibility to create truly original floors, specifying Karndean flooring means that you’ll never have to compromise on style. Whether it’s a company logo that needs replicating, a name to incorporate into the floor or a special one-off design, a bespoke floor will bring any interior to life.

Charlton Hall in Northumberland is a wedding venue that has created a truly unique look with a stylish bespoke floor. In line with the hotel’s eccentric personality, a quirky geometric floor design has been created with hand-cut black and white tiles and combined with bold wall designs for an unexpected look that captures the imagination and ensures the hotel stands out from the crowd.

Inspired by contemporary, more sustainable ways of living, a new immersive CGI tool offers an unparalleled product experience to help you visualise the endless possibilities of Karndean flooring. The 360-degree virtual environment presents different flooring designs in real-world settings to demonstrate how Karndean products fit perfectly both aesthetically and technically. Featuring a multi-purpose structure in an on-trend industrial style with biophilic elements, you can explore zones designed for work, life and play with flooring options that best suit each situation.

As we move into a post-Covid world, pushing the boundaries of design will be an exciting journey of discovery. The experience of the past two years has reshaped our attitudes to life, travel and our connections to our environment and communities. The way we design our interiors can help us as we transition to a new normal, ground us in the comfort of our history yet inspire us to imagine the future.
Fleur Carson, commercial sales director at Karndean Designflooring

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