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Keeping noise in check with the latest options in LVT

In the midst of a busy hotel or restaurant, acoustics play a key role in helping to achieve a comfortable and welcoming ambience. Here, Ben Walton discusses how the latest options in LVTs can provide great sound reduction, without compromising on design.

IN the hospitality industry, sound can be highly influential on customer satisfaction. When we think of a hotel for example, the first thing people will think about is noise and if it’s going to be quiet enough.

Noise from adjoining rooms, hallways, lobbies, or meeting rooms may cause disturbance to guests, with the World Health Organisation (WHO) advising that excessive noise can disturb sleep, reduce performance, provoke annoyance responses and changes in social behaviour.

The WHO recommends a guideline level of 30dB LAeq (equivalent continuous sound pressure level) for undisturbed sleep, and a daytime level for outdoor sound levels of 50dB to prevent people from becoming ‘moderately annoyed’.

Indeed, noise within a building can be dampened in a number of ways but from an interior flooring perspective, contractors can play a significant role in helping to achieve lower noise pollution by choosing acoustic floor coverings. Such specialist floors can minimise in-room noise or maximise impact sound reduction from floor to floor, which will help reduce stress and promote occupant wellbeing, resulting in a more comfortable environment.

While acoustics are essential in terms of a floors performance, this doesn’t mean contractors need to compromise on aesthetics. After all, the main aim of any hospitality establishment is to create a lasting impression. Presenting the ultimate in realistic and abstract designs, luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) fuse natural material expression with state of the art production techniques and processes to create beautiful yet functional flooring solutions.

And now, we’re seeing new LVT collections emerging on the market that combine desired aesthetics with high acoustic qualities, enabling the best of both worlds.

For example, Forbo has recently launched its new and unique Allura Decibel range, which has been developed to deliver 19dB impact sound reduction, without compromising on aesthetics or ease of installation. Installed using tackifier, the Decibel collection offers 30 tile and plank formats in a range of its own unique and contemporary designs and is the perfect sound reducing solution for all sectors.

It’s particularly suited to multi-occupancy buildings, such as hotels, where noise pollution and the well-being of occupants is a vital consideration.

The excellent dimensional stability of the Allura collection also ensures safe and hygienic floors, as dirt isn’t trapped in the seams. The superior embossed lacquering system also guarantees long lasting appearance retention and improves the resistance to stains and scratches. Designed by Forbo’s in-house team of passionate creators and manufactured by Forbo in Europe, the Allura Decibel range is part of a revitalised wider Allura collection.

Combining the beauty of wood and stone without the cost implications of their natural counterparts, it is easy to see why LVT provides a functional and aesthetic solution for hospitality environments. And with the negative effects of poor acoustics becoming increasingly recognised, it’s important contractors look at flooring options that that can offer increased sound impact reduction for areas where peace and quiet for guests are important.

In order to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and technological advances of vinyl, it is advised that contractors liaise with a reputable flooring manufacturer. For more information on Forbo’s new Allura Decibel range, visit www.forbo-flooring.co.uk/alluradecibel
Ben Walton is key account manager
at leisure & hospitality sector,
Forbo Flooring Systems

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