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LVT – the key to longevity in leisure and hospitality environments

After a rocky couple of years, many leisure and hospitality firms may be looking to renovate their spaces or to open new branches. Karen Wilding discusses the benefits of LVT for upcoming projects in these sectors.

THE Covid-19 pandemic had quite a profound effect on the hospitality and leisure industry, with reports indicating that revenue for the two sectors fell to as low as £1.1bn in March 2020.1 The sectors have both since bounced back with revenue beginning to return to pre-pandemic levels. This has led to businesses looking to open new branches or to renovate their existing spaces, to further increase revenue. As part of this it’s important these businesses look to the future and ensure they choose flooring solutions that are ‘futureproof’.

In both hospitality and leisure environments, which are often very busy places, it’s important that the flooring installed is durable enough to withstand heavy footfall, to ensure it remains looking good for years to come. What’s more, installing a durable floorcovering will also help to reduce cleaning and maintenance costs.

Additionally, it’s key to find floorcoverings that can be installed quickly and easily. LVT can be fitted in various ways, whether that’s traditionally adhered or adhesive-free. However, in retail and leisure environments, the adhesive free option is highly recommended.

This is because it can help to reduce downtime in the installation phase, something which is important to both leisure and hospitality environments as they cannot afford to shut down for long periods of time. What’s more, as no adhesive is required, the flooring can be easily lifted and reused elsewhere – perfect for pop up venues that are only open for short periods of time, but in different locations. There are also environmental and health benefits associated with adhesive free solutions, including lower VOCs and a reduction in waste.

Not only this, but it is important that the chosen flooring complements the overall interior design of the space to leave a lasting impression on visitors. Alternatively, your customers can use the flooring to add more interest to a space by creating striking designs, using contrasting shades or putting a modern twist on traditional classics such as the ever popular herringbone which is tipped to be a hot trend for the coming years.

Whether your customer desires a more traditional wooden aesthetic, a sophisticated stone or concrete design, or something completely unique, LVT is sure to tick all the boxes when it comes to design.

When looking to source suitable LVT solutions, you should factor in the lead times of floor coverings, as some projects may require a fast turnaround. For example, designed and manufactured in Europe, Forbo’s newly refreshed Allura range is a highly durable, commercial LVT created to deliver innovative commercial applications.

Not only is it available in a variety of beautiful and contemporary designs, but it offers confidence in availability with its ‘off the shelf’ collection available for contractors. The new ‘off the shelf collection’ ensures that what you order is in stock* and delivered to you quickly and efficiently.

Find out more about Forbo’s offering
for the leisure and hospitality sectors here: or view the new Allura LVT range, visit
Karen Wilding is marketing communications manager at Forbo Flooring Systems

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