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Moisture testing tools to save you time and money

Ever encountered a floor damaged by moisture? If so, you know just how costly a moisture-ruined floor can be. Jason Spangler explains how you can avoid this problem.

BY testing wood and concrete moisture levels before you install flooring you can save yourself many problems. That’s good news for your pocketbook and your reputation. But the good news doesn’t stop there. Today’s advanced moisture testing tools use digital technologies that’ll save you time, labour, and money.

How to save time with concrete moisture testing
To get reliable concrete moisture test results, people choose the Rapid RH L6 system by Wagner Meters more than any other relative humidity (RH) test kit.

And for good reason. It’s fast, simple to use, and integrates with various new timesaving tools and apps. Start your testing with Wagner’s C555 Concrete Moisture Meter. It gives quick results and is calibrated to identify moisture ‘hotspots’ in concrete.

Next, investigate these spots further with the Rapid RH L6 test kit to determine the slab’s overall moisture condition. You’ll learn about moisture deep within the concrete – moisture that could wreak havoc on the finished floor.

These tests arm you with the exact knowledge needed to avoid moisture disaster – all with very little time or effort on your part. Simply drill RH test holes in the concrete and insert the advanced L6 Smart Sensors for fast, accurate test results.

Plus, you have the option of pairing these sensors with small DataGrabber devices to put your RH testing on autopilot. Set the RH reading interval you want and then let the L6 system take over by automatically ‘grabbing’ and storing your RH readings for you, even when you’re away from the jobsite.

To make things even easier, when you return to the jobsite, you can transfer the stored data wirelessly to the DataMaster L6 app. Available for free, this app puts your RH data at your fingertips for easy viewing and reporting to clients. No tedious notetaking. No lost data or lost paperwork. Just 100% data integrity.

How to save time with wood moisture testing
The easiest way to measure wood moisture is with a handheld pin-less wood moisture meter. It’ll give you super-fast readings without marring your wood with unsightly pinholes. For accuracy, reliability, and advanced data storage capability, consider the award-winning Orion 950 meter by Wagner Meters.

The Orion 950 is loaded with features to save time. The onboard temperature and humidity sensor enables the meter to automatically calculate equilibrium moisture content (EMC) for you. And its Bluetooth capabilities connect the meter to the free FloorSmart app for storing all your moisture readings. You’ll save time by not needing to write down your readings, and you’ll gain peace of mind knowing when your wood flooring is ready for installation.

Whether you’re testing for moisture in concrete or wood, Wagner Meters has all the tools you need from start to finish to save you time and money on every flooring project.
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Jason Spangler is Wagner Meters’ sales manager

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