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Rapid refurbishments with adhesive-free flooring

Karen Wilding explores the benefits of fast flooring for refurbishment projects.

IN the fast-paced world of refurbishment projects, time is of the essence. To meet this demand, contractors should look for alternative solutions, such as adhesive-free flooring, which offers a swift and efficient installation process without compromising on quality, functionality or appearance. Here I’ll explore the benefits of fast flooring for refurbishment projects.

As the need for fast turnarounds on refurbishments increases, flooring contractors should look into different ways in which they can speed up the services they provide, such as by choosing adhesive-free flooring. With a large range of solutions available and in multiple installation formats, adhesive-free flooring enables refurbishment projects to be completed in much shorter timeframes, with minimal downtime.

For example, in retail environments where there are long opening hours and very little downtime, a flooring solution that can be installed overnight should be considered. In addition to this, a rise in the popularity of pop-up shops means a flooring that can be quickly installed, then lifted and reused elsewhere is desirable. With this in mind, adhesive-free flooring can offer the ideal solution for this sector.

Additionally, adhesive-free flooring offers contractors various design options too, from stylish luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) that can create contemporary spaces, to entrance flooring systems that help to keep indoor environments clean and hazard-free – plus many more solutions.

Offices are another space which can benefit from the use of adhesive-free flooring, with refurbishments needing to be completed outside of working hours, in the evening or during the weekend. When using traditional adhesives, there’s a 48-hour waiting time needed for the adhesive to set, and nasty odours or volatile organic compounds (VOCs) can linger in the area following an installation, which can have negative side-effects on those using a space.

However, through the use of innovative, adhesive-free, installation methods these effects can be avoided, thus creating a better space to work in. In terms of the options available to contractors for these projects, carpet tiles and LVT are two of the most popular choices for office refurbishments and can be fitted adhesive-free onto raised access floors using IOBAC’s innovative MagTabs.

Fast flooring can also be highly beneficial for other spaces too, such as those found in the healthcare sector, where spaces are in almost constant use. With adhesive-free flooring, tight project timelines can be easily met, with minimal disruption to staff, patients and visitors. There are again multiple flooring solutions available to this sector too, such as vinyl flooring, suitable for high-traffic areas or where wheeled traffic is in regular use, safety flooring for bathrooms and canteens, or even antistatic flooring, which is perfect for operating theatres and laboratories.

Another sector that can benefit from the use of adhesive-free flooring is the education sector. With schools and universities being used throughout the week, there can often be little time left to carry out refurbishments. With this in mind, finding solutions that can be installed overnight, on weekends or during school holidays can be highly beneficial.

In addition to this, some manufacturers, such as Forbo, can offer floorcoverings with impressive acoustic properties that can be fitted without adhesive. By installing these floorcoverings, impact sound can be reduced, helping to enhance learning in these environments.

The advantages of adhesive-free flooring don’t stop there. With many in the industry in pursuit of more sustainable refurbishments, fast flooring stands out as an eco-conscious choice. By eliminating the use of adhesives, there’s no need for subfloor preparation, reducing material usage across the span of a project.

On top of this, with no adhesive left on the back of the flooring, the floorcoverings can be easily lifted, recycled or reused in another project further down the line, helping with the circularity of the flooring industry.

Forbo’s Fast Flooring collection offers a range of products from across its vast portfolio, such as its Modul’up vinyl sheet with acoustic benefits, Surestep safety vinyl or its Allura LVT and Coral entrance flooring as well as its Tessera carpet tiles through the use of IOBAC MagTabs.
Karen Wilding is marketing communications manager from Forbo Flooring Systems

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