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Reinforcing brand identity with custom flooring

Karen Wilding explains how bespoke flooring schemes can be created using custom
flocked flooring.

Flocked flooring is an often-overlooked solution, owing to how long it’s been on the market. However, it’s an extremely versatile and resilient floorcovering that can be used to reinforce a business’s brand identity.

As one of the largest areas in any project, flooring can be integral to correctly conveying a business’s brand identity, whilst also being subtle enough as to not overshadow any wider design schemes if necessary. For example, brand colours could be used to create pathways, helping with wayfinding around a building, or used to inject some personality into lobbies or meeting rooms – to name just a few. Although there are many solutions available on the market, flocked flooring is perhaps the best when it comes to developing bespoke designs.

Combining the appeal of a textile flooring with the hygienic and durability performances of a more resilient one, flocked floorcoverings not only provide underfoot comfort, but they’re exceptionally hardwearing and will restore back to their original appearance after every clean.

As such, it’s the perfect solution for high traffic areas and busy locations, whether that be schools, retail, offices or hospitality and leisure spaces – all of which can benefit from a strong brand identity being incorporated into their interior design.

With more than 70m nylon fibres per square metre, flocked flooring is the perfect textile substrate for vibrant designs and true to life visuals to be digitally printed onto. Produced in high level photographic resolution, all desired colours, shades and hues can be achieved. In fact, digital print offers an infinite number of design options to be created, from abstract patterns with intricate colour spectrums to realistic images of naturals materials, such as sand, grass or water.

Forbo’s Flotex flocked flooring range comprises 500 pre-existing designs or contractors can let their customers design their own flooring masterpiece, reflecting their brand identity or to simply add the ‘wow’ factor!

With this in mind, when looking at projects that could benefit from a strong brand identity, contractors should consider flocked flooring. With its hardwearing construction, underfoot comfort, maintenance and cleaning cost savings, and ability to be customised, it is a truly versatile floorcovering.
Karen Wilding is marketing communications manager from Forbo Flooring Systems

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