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Tailored support

A successful digital strategy needs to utilise a range of digital media to suit different preferences, in ways that complement each other, explains Stephen Boulton.

FBall’s digital presence has been developed to help flooring contractors get the best of the company’s products, as well as support and reward flooring contractors. To optimise the customer experience, it needs to utilise a number of different channels to both inform customers about products and support services and direct them to other digital resources, where they can find out more detailed information or help particular to their project or the product they are using.

For example, a wide range of social media channels, as well as digital e-shots and e-newsletters, inform people about special offers and competitions for members of the Ball Rewards customer loyalty scheme, which has its own dedicated microsite. Social media is also a platform for sharing technical information about F Ball products, video demonstrations and case studies, which can also be found on the F Ball website.

The company website is the first touchpoint for many people requiring information about products and how to use them, including data sheets, installation videos and guides to subfloor preparation and floorcovering installation.

It also provides details of how to access free technical support, including requesting site visits from F Ball technical representatives, and flooring contractors can find out about upcoming training courses at the F Ball Centre of Excellence and book a place.

Ball Rewards site
The Ball Rewards microsite provides information on the latest offers available to members, and is where they can enter exclusive monthly competitions, find out how to claim regular monthly cashback and more.

F-Talk newsletter
Flooring contractors can also subscribe to F-Talk, the e-newsletter for Ball Rewards members, for free, to receive company news, including product launches and promotions, technical articles, case studies and information about upcoming events. There is a dedicated website for F-Talk too, which holds archives of previous issues, as well as enabling visitors to share articles by category type.

Social media
Using different social media channels enables F Ball to target audiences with varying media preferences.

Twitter serves as a newsfeed for information about F Ball products, case studies and Ball Rewards promotions. Facebook brings together one of the flooring industry’s largest online communities. Instagram provides a more visual way to share technical advice, news and events.

Customers are encouraged to share their own projects using F Ball products, which are reposted by F Ball, facilitating two-way conversations with contractors. Twitter, Facebook and Instagram can also be used by contractors for technical enquiries. Followers also receive information about exclusive special offers, available via Trade Days, and the opportunity to enter exclusive competitions that run across social media channels.

F Ball’s YouTube channel features a wealth of instructional product videos offering help and advice on how to use the company’s products.

Virtual site visits
Virtual site visits, using video messaging platforms, such as WhatsApp video, offer a quick and convenient alternative to in-person site visits for F Ball customers.

The service allows industry professionals to obtain on-the-spot site assessments and advice on the best course of action for a particular flooring project when using F Ball products. Having arranged an appointment with the company’s Technical Service Department, callers can guide a technical service officer around a site using their mobile device and receive expert instruction on the high-performance products needed to achieve the best results, as well as answers to their technical questions, without delay.

Contractors can still request physical site visits from F Ball’s regional technical representatives. However, the time-saving benefits of virtual site visits, has resulted in them becoming one of the most popular methods for flooring contractors to access the company’s industry-leading technical support service.

For questions where a visual brief is not required, F Ball’s Technical Service Department continue to answer any questions you might have about subfloor preparation and floorcovering installation by phone, email and via the F Ball website, Monday to Friday, 8.30am–5.00pm. Alternatively, enquiries can be made through the company’s social media channels.
Stephen Boulton is technical service manager at F Ball and Co

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