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The correct adhesive is key to a successful stair-nosing

Stair-nosings can be quite a troublesome part of a flooring installation, but choosing the correct adhesive can alleviate the problem, as Neil Sanders explains.

ONCE new floorcoverings have been successfully installed on a staircase, stair-nosings may need to be applied. This can take a significant amount of time, as many stair-nosings require mechanical fixing, and contractors need to be sure that the nosings are firmly in place before returning the staircase to use.

Here I’ll discuss how to go about installing stair-nosings so you can open the staircase to use as quickly as possible.

If you’re installing floorcoverings on a staircase in a public or industrial setting, it’s likely you’ll also need to apply stair-nosings. Installing stair-nosings can be a time-consuming task in any environment.

In a public or industrial environment however, considerations of safety are paramount, so contractors need to be absolutely certain stair-nosings are firmly fixed and secure before allowing anybody to use the staircase in question.

Typically, this would involve using an adhesive with high bond strength and initial grab, followed by mechanical fixing to ensure the stair-nosings are firmly in place. Once the stair-nosings have been firmly bonded and mechanically fixed to the stairs, many contractors would leave at least 24 hours before opening the area up to foot traffic.

This would ensure no accidents happened as a result of dislodged nosings, but it also represents a long delay that may cause unexpected disruption for a client.

Custom solutions
Contractors who need to install stair-nosings as quickly and as securely as possible now have access to adhesives that have been specifically designed for that purpose.

The leading manufacturers of adhesives in the UK have developed adhesives that combine rapid curing properties with high bond strength and high initial grab. In many cases, the use of such adhesives will not only provide a quick and durable solution to bonding the nosings to the stairs, but will also completely remove the need for mechanical fixing.

The best adhesives that are suitable for rapidly securing stair-nosings will also be suitable for a wide range of other uses. For instance, an adhesive may be purpose-designed for the securing of stair-nosings, but it may be equally suitable for bonding carpet gripper, PVC cladding, skirting boards, architrave, trims, and so on.

While contractors should always use adhesives that have been designed for the specific purpose they’re going to be using it for, opting for an adhesive with greater versatility will guarantee that they get the greatest possible value for their money.

Safety first
As safety is of the utmost importance when working in environments that typically require the installation of stair-nosings (schools, hospitals, industrial buildings, and so on), contractors need to have confidence that a rapid-curing adhesive is going to remain firmly bonded for the lifetime of the installation.

This is particularly true of fast-track installations where the nosings have not been mechanically fixed. It’s always advisable, therefore, to use a professional, high performance adhesive from a trusted manufacturer.

Of course, as with the use of all adhesives, contractors need to first ensure that both the product to be adhered and the surface it is being adhered to are clean and free from contaminants, such as oil, grease, water, and dirt, all of which would impair adhesion. Product data sheets should also be read carefully to ensure the adhesive in question is suitable for use on the relevant surface. While most common floorcoverings will be suitable, failing to check could result in the failure of the adhesive.

This may mean costly remedial work, or where stair-nosings are concerned, potentially harmful accidents.
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