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The role of content boosting in SEO

Ellie Harvey looks at why search engine optimisation is so important.

What was once a small industry, SEO plays a vital role in businesses within the flooring industry as its success determines the number of organic visits they receive. With Google becoming the preferred choice of platform to find information out, SEO has never been more important.

Content writing has a key role in the deployment of any SEO strategy and many of the most useful ways to improve ranking can often be overlooked.

Meta descriptions and title tags
A commonly overlooked aspect of SEO, meta descriptions and title tags remain important, especially for SEO. When a customer makes a search into any search engine they are presented with just title tags and meta description of multiple website pages. As a result, this information needs to contain information about what the page consists of. By doing so you are not only encouraging Google to show your page on the first page but you are also helping to lower the bounce rate of your site, as users will be able to use the meta information to determine if your site is beneficial to them.

A well written meta description should include key search terms you are targeting so that it shows up in bold when users search this into Google. Strong meta titles will reassure potential visitors that they are clicking onto a relevant business, similar to a description the key search term should also be within the title.

Click-through rate
Google especially, considers your website’s click-through rate (CTR) as an important factor to rank your website, the more your business can get users to click on your links the greater the chances of getting better rankings on search engines. If an immediate increase in CTR is something your website needs then paid campaigns will be a suitable solution.

Google AdWords
Creating a Google AdWords campaign that focuses on specific keywords such as flooring contractors, or flooring specialists, your business has a higher chance of appearing on the first page of search results for these keywords. The chances of this happening is highly dependent on two main factors: the budget of the campaign and the keywords assigned to a campaign. Through applying these features you can ensure to reach the most relevant audience for your business.

The content on your website offers your business the opportunity to incorporate keywords. Having quality content is the only way in which you can strategically use your keywords, this will help you compete with other brands from within your industry. To ensure content is optimised, fully semantic keywords are also beneficial to incorporate – these are words or phrases that relate to others and the main keyword you have assigned to the page.
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